New World: How to Skip Queue?

If you’re tired of waiting in server queues that can take up to several hours, this guide page of the New World manual will tell you how to skip them and how to deal with the TooManyRequestsException error that many players report while waiting in the queue.

  • How to Skip Queue?
  • TooManyRequestsException Error

How to Skip Queue?

If you’re playing on a highly populated New World server, the easiest way to avoid or reduce the waiting time in queues is by logging in outside of peak hours. Most players start playing the game after 5 pm, so it’s best to try and join the game in the morning or evening. You can also consider changing servers, but this would mean creating a new character and losing your previous progress. However, less popular servers don’t have a queue problem, so this might be a viable option.

TooManyRequestsException Error

If you encounter the TooManyRequestsException error while waiting in the queue, don’t panic. After closing the message, don’t do anything. Don’t turn the game off or rejoin the queue. Just stay on the main screen, and after a few minutes, the game should automatically get you back to the queue without losing your place.


1. What is the Queue in New World and why is it important?

The Queue in New World is a waiting line that players are placed in when trying to log into the game. It is important because it helps manage the number of players that are allowed to enter the game server at one time. The number of players that can be on a server is limited, and the Queue helps to prevent overcrowding and ensure that the game runs smoothly for all players.

2. Is there a way to skip the Queue in New World?

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way to skip the Queue in New World. However, there are a few things players can try to increase their chances of getting into the game faster. First, try logging in during non-peak hours when there are fewer players online. Second, make sure to have the latest game updates installed to avoid any issues that may cause longer wait times. Finally, consider joining a less crowded server, as these tend to have shorter Queues. Keep in mind that these methods may not always work, and it may be necessary to wait in the Queue for an extended period of time.

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