New World: Rapier – mastering weapon skills

This section of the New World tutorial provides an overview of the Rapier skill, including all related active and passive skills and attributes.

If you’re looking to enhance your combat abilities in New World, mastering the Rapier skill is a must. This guide covers everything you need to know to develop the attributes and skills necessary to inflict maximum damage with this one-handed weapon.

  • Related attributes
  • Blood – active skills
  • Blood – passive skills
  • Grace – active skills
  • Grace – passive skills

Related attributes

To increase the effectiveness of your Rapier attacks, focus on developing your Intelligence and Dexterity attributes.

Blood – active skills

Tondo is a powerful Rapier attack that deals 50% weapon damage and inflicts bleeding on your opponent, causing additional damage over time. This attack can stack up to three times, refreshing previous applications.

  1. Thirst For Blood – inflicting bleed for the first time reduces the recovery time of this skill by 10%.
  2. And Again – if you hit only one target, the skill’s cooldown will be reduced by 25% even if it blocks.
  3. Proper Spacing – increases direct damage dealt by Tondo by 100% when you are at least 4m away from the target.

Flourish And Finish is another devastating Rapier attack that knocks enemies backward. By pressing the light attack button at the end of the flourish, you can finish the attack with a powerful forward thrust that absorbs all bleeding effects and deals 110% weapon damage immediately.

  1. With Flair – you gain Grit during the Flourish and Finish.
  2. Swagger – you gain 20 Stamina points if Finish hits a target.
  3. Fuel – any damage caused by Tondo’s bleeding effect reduces the ability’s cooldown by 3.5%.
  4. Bloody End – Finish deals 150% rapier bleed damage instead of 110%.

Flurry is a rapid series of five thrusts that can be cancelled at any time with a dodge. This attack deals increasing amounts of damage with each hit.

  1. Overwhelm – each hit of Flurry deals 25% more damage to blocks.
  2. Fleeting Strikers – each hit of Flurry reduces this skill’s cooldown by 7%.
  3. To The Bone – each hit of Flurry extends the bleeding caused by the rapier by 1s. This also applies to subsequent hits, extending the bleeding with each wound.
  4. Finalize – the last hit of Flurry causes the enemy to stagger.

Blood – passive skills

Refreshing Strikes shortens the cooldowns of all skills by 1% on a hit. Engarde deals 10% more damage when the target has over 50% health. Unerring increases the damage dealt to targets that bleed from rapier wounds by 5%. Light Edge increases the damage dealt from middle swipe attacks in the light attack chain by 8%. Heavy Puncture extends bleeding from rapier wounds by 2s with every heavy attack that hits a bleeding opponent, with subsequent hits further extending the bleeding duration.

Grace’s Active Abilities

One of Grace’s active skills is Riposte, which allows her to assume a defensive stance for one second. If an enemy attacks her while this skill is active, they’ll be knocked out for 1.5 seconds. Grace also gains temporary immunity after a successful Riposte.

  1. Insult To Injury is a skill that grants Grace 3 seconds of uninterrupted attacks if her Riposte is successful.
  2. Priority reduces the cooldown of other rapier skills by 20% when a Riposte stuns someone.
  3. Lasting Consequence increases the stun caused by Riposte to 2 seconds.

Another active skill Grace possesses is Evade, which allows her to perform a small, reliable sidestep in her current movement direction that cancels any current activity and provides momentary invulnerability. Light attacks made during Evade are performed exceptionally fast.

  1. Breathe In is a skill that provides Grace with 20 stamina points immediately after its use.
  2. Allegro increases Grace’s movement speed by 20% for 3 seconds.
  3. Adagio is a forward dodge that increases the damage of her next light attack by 15%. This effect disappears after hitting the opponent or after 1 second.
  4. Crescendo reduces the cooldown of Evade by 30% after each light attack that reaches the target.

Fleche is Grace’s third active skill, which allows her to perform a 10-meter lunge, piercing enemies in her path and dealing 145% damage.

  1. Quick Lunge reduces Fleche’s cooldown by 80% if Grace kills an enemy with it.
  2. Backside increases the damage of Grace’s next critical hit by 15% after Fleche. This effect lasts for 5 seconds.
  3. Interruption allows Grace to stop and perform another attack dealing 115% damage if she presses a light attack at any point during Fleche.

Grace’s Passive Abilities

Grace has several passive abilities that grant her bonuses throughout gameplay:

  • Desperation increases Grace’s damage dealt by 10% when her stamina drops below 40%.
  • Controlled Breathing grants Grace 3 points of stamina after each hit.
  • Perfectionist increases Grace’s damage dealt by 10% when she has full health.
  • Red Curtains shortens all cooldowns by 5% after a critical hit.
  • Swiftness grants Grace 3% Haste for 4 seconds after a hit. This effect stacks up to 5 times.
  • Momentum increases the damage of Grace’s next light or heavy attack by 25% after using any skill. This effect disappears after hitting the opponent or after 3 seconds.


1. What is the rapier in New World?

The rapier is a one-handed weapon in New World that can be used for both thrusting and slashing attacks. It is known for its fast attack speed and high mobility, making it a popular choice for players who prefer agility and precision over brute force. The rapier also has a unique mechanic called “Flourish”, which allows players to chain together multiple attacks for increased damage and special effects.

2. What weapon skills are available for the rapier in New World?

There are several weapon skills available for the rapier in New World, including:

  • Assault – a quick lunge attack that deals damage and can close the distance between the player and their target.
  • Riposte – a defensive move that blocks an incoming attack and allows the player to counter with a powerful strike.
  • Evade – a dodge move that allows the player to quickly move out of harm’s way.
  • Flourish – a chain of attacks that can deal massive damage and apply various effects, such as increased critical hit chance or decreased enemy armor.

3. How do I unlock and level up rapier weapon skills in New World?

To unlock and level up weapon skills for the rapier in New World, players must use the weapon in combat and earn experience points. As they gain more experience with the rapier, they will unlock new skills and be able to improve existing ones. Players can also equip different types of gems in their weapons to further enhance their abilities and tailor their playstyle to their preferences.

4. What are some tips for using the rapier effectively in New World?

Some tips for using the rapier effectively in New World include:

  • Stay on the move – the rapier’s agility and mobility are its biggest strengths, so make sure to keep moving and avoid getting surrounded by enemies.
  • Use Flourish wisely – while Flourish can deal massive damage, it also leaves the player vulnerable to counterattacks. Use it strategically and be prepared to dodge or block if necessary.
  • Mix up your attacks – don’t rely on the same move over and over again. Mix up your thrusting and slashing attacks to keep your opponents guessing and take advantage of their weaknesses.
  • Pair the rapier with a complementary weapon – the rapier’s fast and precise attacks make it a great choice for a secondary weapon, such as a bow or musket, that can deal damage from a distance.

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