New World: Refining through Smelting

The Smelting skill is used to convert Iron, Silver, and Magnetite into bars. This page of the New World guide provides guidance on where to use this skill and how to level it up quickly.

In New World, Smelting is a vital profession for refining resources. This skill allows you to obtain bars of iron, silver, or orichalcum, which are commonly used in crafting. This guide explains where to create ingots and how to advance your Smelting skill rapidly.

  • Crafting station and created items
  • Quick level-up for Smelting

Crafting station and created items

To craft objects in the Smelting category, you will need a Smelter. This skill allows you to create iron, steel, silver, or orichalcum ingots, resulting in crafting better weapons and heavy armor. Smelting resources are primarily obtained through Mining.

Quick level-up for Smelting

To level up your Smelting skill in New World, you will need two skills – Mining and Harvesting to obtain wood. While you can purchase the necessary materials from other players, it would require a considerable amount of gold.

Levels 0-50:

Begin the leveling process by creating 782 Charcoal and obtaining 1564 pieces of Green Wood.

Levels 50-100:

The next step in leveling up Smelting is to create 504 Gold Ingots, requiring the following materials:

  1. 2520 x Gold Ore
  2. 1008 x Silver Ingot
  3. 504 x Sand Flux

Levels 100-150:

Create 713 Platinum Ingots, requiring:

  1. 4278 x Platinum Ore
  2. 1426 x Gold Ingot
  3. 713 x Sand Flux

Levels 150-200:

The final step to level up Smelting is to create 5885 Platinum Ingots, requiring the same materials as the previous step, but in greater quantities:

  1. 35310 x Gold Ore
  2. 11770 x Silver Ingot
  3. 5885 x Sand Flux


1. What is smelting and refining?

Smelting and refining are two processes that are used in metallurgy to extract metal from ores. Smelting is the process of melting down ore to extract the metal from it. Refining is the process of purifying the metal that has been extracted from the ore.

During the smelting process, the ore is heated in a furnace until it melts. The metal is then separated from the molten ore, often by gravity or by using a chemical process. Refining involves removing impurities from the metal, such as other metals or non-metallic elements. This is often done using electrolysis or by heating the metal to a high temperature and then allowing impurities to burn off as gases.

2. What are some of the metals that can be extracted through smelting and refining?

Smelting and refining can be used to extract a variety of metals from ores. Some of the most commonly extracted metals include iron, copper, lead, and zinc. These metals are used in a variety of industries, from construction and manufacturing to electronics and aerospace. Other metals that can be extracted using smelting and refining include gold, silver, nickel, and platinum. The specific process used to extract each metal depends on the properties of the ore and the desired properties of the final metal product.

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