New World: Spear – mastering your weapon

This section of the New World advice will help you master the Spear. Here, you will learn about all the skills available and their corresponding attributes that will enhance your damage.

The Spear is a formidable weapon in New World, capable of dealing massive AoE damage, perfect for crowd control, and piercing through armor. Additionally, some of its skills allow you to engage enemies from a distance. This guide contains all the essential information you need to know about the Spear.

  • Corresponding attributes
  • Zoner – active abilities
  • Zoner – passive abilities
  • Impaler – active abilities
  • Impaler – passive abilities

Corresponding attributes

Developing your Strength and Dexterity attributes will increase your Spear’s damage output.

Zoner – active abilities

Cyclone – a spinning attack that deals 110% weapon damage, pushes the target back by 3m, and reduces its speed by 50% for 3 seconds.

  1. Invigorating Combo – regain 25 stamina for every hit.
  2. Strong Momentum – attacking activates Grit, making your attacks impossible to interrupt.

Javelin – throw your spear, dealing 125% weapon damage and causing the target to Stagger.

  1. Forceful Impact – knock down your target on every hit.
  2. Refreshing Precision – a head blow reduces the recovery time by 50%.
  3. Deadly Distance – a bonus of 2.5% damage for every meter traveled (maximum 100%).

Sweep – attack your enemy’s legs, causing them to fall and dealing 75% weapon damage.

  1. Temacious Sweep – Grit is activated while attacking.
  2. Coup De Grace – press the quick attack key during a Sweep to unleash a powerful downward thrust, dealing 125% weapon damage.

Zoner – passive abilities

Deadly Consistency – a bonus of 10% damage on subsequent heavy attacks against a single target.

Deadly Reach – a bonus of 10% crit chance against targets more than 3 meters away.

Refreshing Reach – landing a heavy attack reduces the recovery time by 15%.

Evasive Maneuvres – dodging backward consumes 20% less stamina for 2 seconds after hitting the target.

Invigorating Crits – Crits restore 20 stamina.

Merciless Strength – a bonus of 25% damage against downed targets.

Defensive Stance – landing a heavy attack on the target causes Fortify, increasing your damage absorption by 15% for 2 seconds.

Strong Conditioning – a 30% increase in stamina regeneration when it drops to below 50%.

Reserved Strength – a bonus of 25% damage when stamina is full.

Impaler – active abilities

Perforate – three quick, piercing blows, dealing 70% weapon damage and inflicting Rend on the target, reducing its damage absorption by 5% for 10 seconds.

  1. Rupturing Strikes – increases the Rend effect by 10% against each target with more than 50% health.
  2. Impactful Strikes – if all three blows land, the target is Staggered.

Skewer – lunge forward and impale the target, dealing 125% weapon damage. Inflicts bleeding (10% weapon damage) every 1 second for 10 seconds.

  1. Deadly Ambush – a bonus of 20% damage against targets with full health.
  2. Follow Through – crits Empower you, increasing damage by 20% for 10 seconds.
  3. Deep Wound – Increases the bleeding duration to 15 seconds.

Vault Kick – use your spear to jump forward and kick the target, dealing 75% weapon damage. Applies Stun for 1.5 seconds.

The first skill, Relentless Blows, empowers the player when hitting a target with less than 50% health, boosting their damage by 20% for 5 seconds. The second skill, Continuous Motion, reduces the recovery time of other spear skills by 30% when hitting the target. Moving onto passive skills, Precise Jabs grants a 5% bonus crit chance on quick attacks, while Refreshing Jabs reduces the recovery time of other spear skills by 10% on the second hit of a quick attack combo. Crippling Jabs slows down targets with less than 30% health by 20% for 3 seconds on the final hit of a quick attack combo, and Finishing Blows deals 15% bonus damage to targets with less than 30% health. Unerring Precision increases damage by 20% against targets with active Grit, while Aggressive Maneuvers reduces recovery time of all skills by 20% when landing a hit with a skill less than 2 seconds after a dodge. Exacerbating Crits increases the duration of negative status effects and periodic damage dealt with the spear by 20% with critical hits, and Exposed Wounds grants a 15% bonus crit chance against bleeding targets. Lastly, Exploited Weakness increases damage by 10% for each negative status effect inflicted on the target, up to 30%.


1. What are the different weapon skills available for the spear in New World?

The spear is a versatile weapon in New World, and it has several different skills available to use in combat. The first skill is called “Skewer,” which allows the player to impale an enemy and deal damage over time. The second skill is “Vault Kick,” which allows the player to leap forward and knock down enemies in their path. The third skill is “Javelin,” which allows the player to throw their spear at an enemy and deal damage from a distance. The fourth skill is “Whirling Blade,” which allows the player to spin their spear around and hit multiple enemies at once. Finally, the fifth skill is “Crippling Throw,” which allows the player to throw their spear and slow down the movement speed of the enemy hit.

2. What is the recommended skill rotation for using a spear in New World?

The recommended skill rotation for using a spear in New World depends on the situation and the enemy being fought. However, a general rotation that can be effective is to start with Skewer to apply damage over time, followed by Whirling Blade to hit multiple enemies and deal additional damage. After that, players can use Javelin to deal damage from a distance or Crippling Throw to slow down the enemy’s movement speed. Finally, players can use Vault Kick to knock down enemies and gain some distance if needed. It’s important to use these skills strategically and not waste them, as they have a cooldown period before they can be used again.

3. How can players improve their spear skills in New World?

Players can improve their spear skills in New World by using the weapon in combat and gaining experience. As players use the spear, they will earn weapon mastery points that can be spent to unlock new skills and improve existing ones. Players can also equip gems or other items that provide bonuses to spear skills, such as increased damage or reduced cooldowns. Finally, players can seek out trainers in the game world who can provide additional guidance and training on using the spear effectively in combat. By practicing and improving their spear skills, players can become formidable warriors in New World.

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