New World: Stonecutting – Refining Guide

In New World, Stonecutting is a profession that allows players to obtain gems to enhance their weapon’s attributes and stats. This guide will provide tips on how to quickly progress in Stonecutting and obtain the best gems.

Stonecutting is one of the many professions players can choose from in New World. Its primary purpose is to produce gemstones that improve weapon stats. This guide will give an overview of Stonecutting and how players can level up quickly to gain access to the best gems.

  • Crafting station and crafted items
  • Fast leveling of Stonecutting

Crafting station and crafted items

Stonecutting is mainly used to obtain gems that can be inserted into weapon sockets to provide bonuses in the form of increased attributes or improved skills. However, players must first mine the gemstones using Mining. The higher the quality of the ore, the higher the quality of the gem that can be obtained. Stonecutting also allows players to refine stones used in crafting various objects at a Stonecutting Table.

Fast leveling of Stonecutting

The quickest way to level up Stonecutting is by creating gems, but this method can be expensive. Refining stones is a more cost-efficient way to gain experience while obtaining quality materials.

Level 0 – 50:

Start by crafting 391 stone blocks using 1564 Stone.

Level 50 – 100:

Create 850 Stone Blocks using 3400 Stone Blocks and 850 Coarse Sandpaper.

Level 100 – 150:

Craft 772 Lodestone Bricks using 4632 Lodestone, 1544 Stone Blocks, and 772 Coarse Sandpaper.

Level 150 – 200:

Craft 1061 Obsidian Voidstone using 8488 Lodestone Bricks, 2122 Lodestone, 1061 Loamy Lodestone, and 1061 Coarse Sandpaper.


What is stonecutting in New World?

Stonecutting is one of the crafting skills in New World that allows players to refine raw materials into usable items. This particular skill focuses on refining raw stone materials into cut stone, which can be used for construction or sold for profit. With the addition of stonecutting, players have the ability to create unique structures and buildings using custom cut stone pieces. Leveling up this skill allows players to unlock new recipes and increase the efficiency of their refining process.

How do I level up my stonecutting skill in New World?

To level up your stonecutting skill in New World, you will need to gather raw stone materials and refine them into cut stone pieces. As you continue to refine stone, you will gain experience points towards your stonecutting skill. It is important to note that the amount of experience gained per refinement will depend on the quality of the raw materials used. To increase the efficiency of your refining process, you can invest in perks and upgrades that will decrease the amount of resources needed to create cut stone. Additionally, completing stonecutting quests and missions will provide experience boosts and unlock new recipes to further advance your skill level.

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