New World: Top builds

Choosing the best build in New World is crucial to adapt to your specific situation. Our guide provides builds for tank, DPS, healer, and solo play. We will guide you on which skills and attributes to prioritize to create the perfect character for your playstyle.

Builds in New World enable you to determine your character’s role during expeditions or PvP battles. This guide lists some of the top builds in the game, with each build excelling in different situations. We have a tank build for players who draw enemy attention, a healer build for those who want to support others, a DPS build dealing massive damage, and a solo build for players who prefer to explore the world alone.

  • Best Solo build
  • Best DPS build
  • Best Tank build
  • Best Healer build

Best Solo build

Weapon skills: Hatchet Sword and Shield

Main attributes: Constitution, Strength

Armor: Heavy

This build is ideal for players who prefer to play solo without relying on others. It offers high damage resistance, healing skills, and decent damage potential through the Hatchet skills combined with Sword and Shield skills.

Start by upgrading Constitution to increase your health and chance of survival, and use heavy armor. At some point, invest around 50 points into Strength to increase your damage potential. Pouring all your points into health is not advisable when playing solo, as you need damage to defeat enemies.

Most of your damage will come from the Hatchet skills, so start combat encounters with them. After using all Hatchet skills, switch to Sword and Shield to reduce damage, block hits, and stun enemies. Then, draw your hatchet again to deal high damage.


Berserker – increases damage dealt for 12 seconds. It’s recommended to buy all passive bonuses for this skill to gain faster movement, healing, and resistance to Stagger and Root.

  1. On The Hunt
  2. Berserking Refresh
  3. Berserking Purge
  4. Uninterruptible Berserk

Feral Rush – deals a lot of damage and allows you to quickly close the distance between you and your opponent.

Raging Torrent – four quick attacks that synergize well with Berserk.

Passive skills:

  1. Accumulated Power
  2. Against All Odds
  3. Fortifying Strikes
  4. Enraged Strikes
  5. Defy Death


Defiant Stance – reduces damage received by 30% for 8 seconds and restores health after buying the passive bonuses. This skill works great while you wait for your Hatchet skills to cooldown.

  1. Final Countdown
  2. Restoration

Shield Bash – deals damage and stuns enemies.

  1. Intimidating Bash
  2. Concussing Bash

Shield Rush – another skill that allows you to quickly close the distance between you and the enemy.

  1. Improved Rush

Passive skills:

  1. Sturdy Shield
  2. Final Blow
  3. Recuperation
  4. Elemental Resistance
  5. Invigorating Bulwark

Top DPS Build

Weapon Skills: Musket and Rapier

Main Attribute: Dexterity

Armor: Light

The DPS builds in New World are all about inflicting massive damage. However, this comes at the cost of low survivability, making it more suitable for experienced players who like to work with others. By using the Musket and the Rapier, all your skills will specialize in dealing damage.

Dexterity should be your main attribute since it increases the damage of these weapons. To maximize your damage output, allocate all your stat points into Dexterity. If you find yourself dying too often, then try putting some of your points into Constitution. Additionally, use light armor to deal even more damage.

Playing as the described DPS build is somewhat similar to an action game. You must constantly move, aim for headshots, and dodge enemy attacks. Quickly switch to the Rapier when forced into melee combat, but remember to keep dodging due to your low health and armor.


Power Shot – Your next shot deals 150% weapon damage. We recommend you purchase all of this skill’s passive bonuses to maximize your damage output.

  1. Initial Engagement
  2. First Blood
  3. Bullseye

Powder Burn – Increases damage and inflicts Burn on enemies, dealing damage over time.

  1. Backdraft
  2. Chronic Trauma

Shooter’s Stance – Provides another damage increase.

  1. Shoot More
  2. Marksman

Passive skills:

  1. Empowering Headshot
  2. Heightened Precision
  3. Hit Your Mark
  4. Sniper
  5. Salt on the Wounds
  6. Weakened Defense
  7. Hustle
  8. Tactical Reload


Tondo – Increases attack range and inflicts Bleed.

  1. Thirst for Blood

Flourish and Finish – Knocks back enemies and lets you deal a follow-up attack with increased damage.

  1. With Flair
  2. Swagger
  3. Fuel
  4. Bloody End

Flurry – A sequence of quick attacks.

  1. Overwhelm
  2. Fleeting Strikes
  3. Down to the Bone

Passive skills:

  1. Unerring
  2. Heavy Puncture
  3. Engarde
  4. Light Edge
  5. Controlled Breathing
  6. Perfectionist
  7. Red Curtains
  8. Swiftness

Top Tank Build

Weapon Skills: Sword and Shield, War Hammer

Main Attribute: Constitution

Armor: Heavy

The tank build is designed to attract enemies’ attention and distract them from the DPS and healer characters. To achieve this, you need to have high survivability, as well as the ability to stun and knock down enemies. You can get all of this by combining a Sword and Shield with a War Hammer.

Constitution should be your main attribute since it increases your health – allocate all available points into it. Additionally, use heavy armor to increase your durability and the duration of negative effects you inflict onto enemies. As a tank, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of squishier characters. Stun the enemies attacking your teammates and throw yourself into the heat of battle to draw their attention.


The Shield Bash is a skill that stuns and deals damage, making it perfect for rescuing other team members.

  1. Intimidating Bash

Another skill that a tank can use is the Shield Rush, which involves a quick charge that deals damage to the target.

  1. Improved Rush
  2. Intimidating Rush

The Defiant Stance is a basic skill for tanks that reduces the damage received. If a provocation gem is placed in the sword, the enemies’ attention will be drawn to the tank as well.

  1. Final Countdown
  2. Restoration

Passive skills for tanks include Empowered Stab, Freeing Justice, Counter Attack, Mobility, Sturdy Shield, Sturdy Grip, Defensive Training, Elemental Resistance, One with the Shield, Recuperation, and Defensive Formation.

For those using the War Hammer, recommended skills include Shockwave, which deals area of effect damage and stuns enemies.

  1. Frailty
  2. Meteroic Crater

Another skill for the War Hammer is Clear Out, which deals damage and knocks enemies back.

  1. Power Cleaner
  2. Clean and Refreshed
  3. Swing Away

Path of Destiny is yet another area of effect skill.

  1. Seismic Waves
  2. Stimulated Reduction

Passive skills for the War Hammer include Hammer Time, Hardened Steel, Outnumbered, Facilitated Expedition, Acceleration, Concussive Impact, Prevailing Spirit, and Aftershock.

Best Healer Build

For healers, the Life Staff and Ice Gauntlet are recommended. The main attribute for healers is Focus, and heavy armor should be worn to increase the duration of debuffs. In addition to healing, healers can play a support role by dealing damage and slowing down enemies.

Recommended skills for the Life Staff include Sacred Ground, which is an area of effect heal.

  1. Holy Ground
  2. Blessed

Orb of Protection is a projectile that heals allies and damages enemies.

  1. Protector’s Blessing
  2. Shared Protection
  3. Aegis

Beacon is a projectile that sticks to a target and heals nearby allies.

  1. Infused Light
  2. Radiance’s Blessing

Passive skills for the Life Staff include Absolved, Blissful Touch, Revitalize, Intensify, Bend Light, Protector’s Strength, and Glowing Focus.

Recommended skills for the Ice Gauntlet include Ice Storm, which deals damage and slows down enemies in its area.

  1. Weakening Gust
  2. Storm Summoner
  3. Punishing Storm

Ice Pylon creates a pylon that shoots nearby enemies.

  1. Greater Pylon
  2. Pylon Regen
  3. Pylon Dodge
  4. Pylon Refresh

Entomb provides temporary invulnerability and rapid Mana regen.

  1. Strengthened Tomb
  2. Cleansing Tomb

Passive skills for the Ice Gauntlet include Cold Reach, Energized Critical, Critical Rejuvenation, Gathering Storm, Critical Frost, Empowered Frost, and Refreshing Frost.


What are the best builds in New World?

There are several great builds in New World, but the best ones depend on your playstyle and preferences. For example, if you enjoy ranged combat, the musket and bow builds are excellent choices. These builds allow you to deal significant damage from a distance while remaining relatively safe. Alternatively, if you prefer close combat, the hatchet and sword-and-shield builds are excellent options. These builds focus on dealing high damage up close and personal, while also providing some defensive capabilities.

Are there any hybrid builds in New World?

Yes, there are several hybrid builds in New World that combine different weapon types and skills. For example, the musket and rapier build is a popular hybrid build that combines ranged and melee combat. This build allows you to deal significant damage from a distance, but also provides you with the ability to engage enemies up close and personal. Another hybrid build is the ice gauntlet and fire staff build, which combines ice and fire magic to deal significant damage and control the battlefield.

What is the best build for solo play?

The best build for solo play in New World depends on your playstyle and preferences. However, some popular solo builds include the hatchet and life staff build, which provides high damage and self-healing capabilities. Another excellent option is the musket and bow build, which allows you to deal damage from a distance while staying relatively safe. Additionally, the sword-and-shield build is a great option for solo play, as it provides high defense and the ability to control the battlefield.

What is the best build for group play?

The best build for group play in New World depends on your role in the group. If you are a tank, the sword-and-shield or hatchet and shield build is an excellent choice, as it provides high defense and the ability to control the battlefield. If you are a healer, the life staff build is a must-have, as it allows you to heal your group members and keep them alive. For damage dealers, the musket and bow build is an excellent choice, as it allows you to deal significant damage from a distance while staying safe. Alternatively, the ice gauntlet and fire staff build is an excellent choice for damage dealers who want to control the battlefield.

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