New World: Weaponsmithing – crafting

If you want to craft better weapons in New World, then you need Weaponsmithing. This guide will help you quickly develop your Weaponsmithing skills and improve your weapons.

Here, you will find information about the Weaponsmithing skill, including the Crafting Station and the items you can craft. You will also learn how to level up Weaponsmithing quickly.

  • The Crafting Station and Crafted Items
  • Fast Leveling Weaponsmithing

The Crafting Station and Crafted Items

The Forge in any settlement is where you can use Weaponsmithing to craft white weapons such as rapiers, two-handed axes, battle hammers, and shields. To create these items, you will need to use other skills such as Smelting, Leatherworking, and Mining to gather the necessary materials.

Fast Leveling Weaponsmithing

If you want to level up your Weaponsmithing quickly in New World, then you should start by creating Weak Honing Stones and Iron Great Axes. These items offer the best ratio of material quality to experience points.

Level 0 – 20:

To reach Level 20 in Weaponsmithing, you need to create 15 Iron Great Axes. The materials required for this are:

  1. 180 x Iron Ingot
  2. 45 x Timber
  3. 30 x Coarse Leather

You can easily gather these materials in the initial locations of the game. Iron Ingots are obtained from Iron Ores found in mines and mountain areas, Timber is obtained by processing Green Wood gathered from trees and bushes, and Coarse Leather is obtained by processing the Rawhide of dead animals.

Level 20 – 50:

Once you reach Level 20, you can craft 228 Weak Honing Stones, which are made from:

  1. 228 x Stone block
  2. 228 x Death Mote
  3. 228 x Fire Mote

Stone blocks are obtained by processing the stones gathered from boulders, while Death Motes are obtained from Blightroot Plants and Fire Motes are obtained from Dragonglory Plants – both of which are available in Windsward.

Level 50 – 200:

At Level 50, you should go back to crafting Iron Great Axes. You will need to create around 9170 of these axes, which will require the following materials:

  1. 110028 x Iron Ingot
  2. 27507 x Timber
  3. 18338 x Coarse Leather


What is Weaponsmithing in New World?

Weaponsmithing is a crafting skill in New World that allows players to create a variety of weapons. With Weaponsmithing, players can craft weapons such as swords, axes, hammers, and more. This skill also allows players to improve the quality of weapons they already own through the use of repair parts and other materials. In order to begin Weaponsmithing, players will need to gather the necessary resources and materials, and then visit a Weaponsmithing station to craft their desired weapons. With the ability to create and improve weapons, Weaponsmithing is an essential skill for any player who wants to be successful in New World.

What resources are needed for Weaponsmithing?

There are several resources that players will need to gather in order to craft weapons with Weaponsmithing. These resources include iron, wood, leather, and gems. Iron is used to create the base of the weapon, while wood is used for the handle or shaft. Leather can be used for grips or straps, and gems can be added to weapons for additional effects. In addition to these resources, players will also need to gather repair parts, which can be obtained by salvaging weapons or purchasing them from vendors. With these resources in hand, players can begin crafting a variety of weapons and improving their existing arsenal.

How do I level up my Weaponsmithing skill?

There are several ways to level up your Weaponsmithing skill in New World. The first is by crafting weapons at a Weaponsmithing station. Each weapon crafted will give players experience towards their Weaponsmithing skill. The second way is by salvaging weapons. When salvaging weapons, players will receive repair parts, which can be used to improve existing weapons or craft new ones. Salvaging weapons also gives players experience towards their Weaponsmithing skill. The third way to level up your Weaponsmithing skill is by completing quests and missions that require Weaponsmithing. These quests will often reward players with experience, as well as new recipes and resources for crafting weapons. By utilizing these methods, players can quickly level up their Weaponsmithing skill and become a master craftsman in New World.

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