New World: Woodworking Refining Guide

Woodworking is an essential skill in New World that lets you obtain the necessary materials to create furniture and weapons. In this guide, you will learn about the crafting station and how to level up quickly in Woodworking.

New World’s Woodworking skill refines wood resources utilized in crafting furniture and some weapons. This guide shares the location of the refining station and tips on how to level up Woodworking fast.

  • Crafting Station and Crafted Items
  • Quickly Leveling Up Woodworking

Crafting Station and Crafted Items

Refining takes place in a Woodshop. You need different types of wood obtained through the Logging skill to craft. Woodworking lets you produce boards that are utilized to make furniture and decorations for your home. Boards are also used in crafting weapons and other items.

Quickly Leveling Up Woodworking

To level up Woodworking in New World fast, you need to develop the Logging skill to cut high-level trees. Mining and the collected materials from supply chests are also helpful.

Level 0 – 50:

To reach Woodworking level 50, you need to craft 391 Timber. This means that you need to collect 1564 pieces of Green Wood.

Level 50 – 100:

To level up the skill further, create 575 pieces of Timber. Required materials:

  1. 2300 x Aged Wood
  2. 1150 x Timber
  3. 575 x Coarse Sandpaper

Level 100 – 150:

When you reach Woodworking level 100, it’s worth switching to crafting better quality items. Create 713 Wyrdwood Planks. To do this, you will need:

  1. 4278 x Wyrdwood
  2. 3204 x Aged Wood
  3. 1602 x Timber
  4. 801 x Coarse Sandpaper
  5. 713 x Obsidian Sandpaper

Level 150 – 200:

The final step is to create 1157 Ironwood Planks, which require the following crafting materials:

  1. 9256 x Ironwood
  2. 8000 x Aged Wood
  3. 4000 x Timber
  4. 3780 x Coarse Sandpaper
  5. 1157 x Obsidian Sandpaper


What is Woodworking refining in New World?

Woodworking refining is one of the crafting skills in the New World game that allows players to refine raw wood into usable materials. This skill is essential for players who want to craft items like furniture, tools, and weapons. Woodworking refining involves taking raw wood, like green wood or aged wood, and using a woodworking station to refine it. The refining process allows players to create items like lumber, timber, and planks.

How do you level up Woodworking refining in New World?

Players can level up their Woodworking refining skill by refining more wood. The more wood a player refines, the more experience they will gain in the Woodworking refining skill. Additionally, players can use food and equipment to increase their Woodworking refining skill. Certain food items, like the Woodworker’s Breakfast, provide a temporary bonus to the player’s refining skill. Players can also equip items like the Woodworker’s Apron or the Woodworker’s Gloves, which provide a permanent bonus to the player’s refining skill.

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