Night Raid | Main quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance

The Night Raid quest is a crucial mission in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The objective is for Henry to sneak into the occupied Talmberg castle and rescue Lady Stephanie and Lord Radzig. However, even if you flawlessly accomplish all the mission targets and avoid detection, you won’t find these characters.

It’s important to note that there is a significant bug in this quest where the game doesn’t appropriately update the mission objectives after reaching the hut where your allies are supposed to be held captive. If this happens, you’ll need to restart and replay the entire quest and hope that the problem doesn’t occur again. Alternatively, you can raise the alarm and complete the quest differently to deal with this bug (none of the key NPCs will die – Stephanie and Radzig aren’t in the castle).

You don’t need to make extensive preparations for this quest. Simply remove all armor pieces that make noise, as Henry needs to remain stealthy. Tell Captain Robard that you’re prepared.

The game will transport you near the castle. You can use a torch, but remember to hide it when you climb the walls. Wait for the objective to update, then proceed upwards. There, you need to listen to the plan.

Be aware that from this point on, there’s a risk of failing the infiltration by raising the alarm. If this happens, you’ll need to run to the ladder before the bandits reach you. Don’t be concerned if this happens – Henry won’t find Stephanie and Radzig either way.

Begin your infiltration by drinking a Saviour Schnapps. Head to the left and approach the area with two bandits (as shown in the picture). You can eliminate them, but be EXTREMELY CAREFUL. Wait for the bandits to move in different directions, then attack the one closest to you.

Suffocate the bandit, quickly pick up his body, and carry it to your allies near the ladder. Wait for the second bandit to be in the same spot, then eliminate him in the same way. You can finish off both bandits if desired.

On the right side of the bandits, you’ll find stairs leading down. Use them and drink another Saviour Schnapps. There are two guards patrolling the area on the right side (as shown in the picture). Wait for the guard who walks around the yard to move away, then quickly move towards said yard.

Turn right twice to avoid detection (from the bandit who walks around the yard and the one who moves between floors). Sneak into the hut where Henry’s bed is located. Instead of Stephanie and Radzig, you’ll find a few villagers in the side room. Speak with one of them. After leaving the building, you’ll see that Capon has been injured and needs help. Pick him up and return to the ladder (using the same path).

The quest will end either after raising the alarm or discovering that the hostages weren’t in the castle. After that, you’ll start another main quest – Siege.


1. What is Night Raid in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Night Raid is one of the main quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance. It is a stealth mission that takes place at night in the town of Pribyslavitz. The goal of the quest is to sabotage the bandit camp and weaken their forces, paving the way for a later assault.

2. How do I complete the Night Raid quest?

To complete the Night Raid quest, you need to sneak into the bandit camp and sabotage their supplies. This involves stealing arrows, poisoning the food, and setting fire to their hay bales. You need to be careful not to alert the guards, as they will raise the alarm and make the mission much harder.

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