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Key Points of M16 Hissing Wastes – Notable Characters and Locations – Dragon Age: Inquisition

Notable Characters


Dragon Lairs

Campsites, Strongholds, Villages, and Cities

Fast Travel Points, Passageways to Dungeons, and Separate Locations


Other (Flags, Landmarks, etc.)


Fast Travel Points, Passageways to Dungeons, and Separate Locations

1 – Entrances/Exits from Caves.

2 – Exit from The Hissing Wastes


1 – Merchant – This character specializes in selling armor, upgrades, crafting materials, armor schematics, and recipes.

Dragon Lairs

Dragon Lair – Sandy Howler – Level: 20

The above map displays all of the notable characters and locations in The Hissing Wastes. There are not many characters in the wastes, and most of them stay at the camps that you seize. Besides the tombs mentioned above, you can also find landmarks that you should be able to reach without any major issues.


What are some important characters in The Hissing Wastes?

In The Hissing Wastes, there are several important characters that players encounter throughout the game. One of the main characters is Scout Harding, a member of the Inquisition who provides guidance and support to the player. Another important character is the Avvar leader, Movran the Under, who the player must negotiate with to gain access to a canyon. The Hissing Wastes also features several enemies, including the Sand Sharks and the Deserters, who pose a significant threat to the player’s party.

What are some notable locations in The Hissing Wastes?

The Hissing Wastes is a vast, arid desert with several notable locations that players can explore. One of the most iconic locations is the Canyon of the Lost, a treacherous canyon filled with traps and enemies that the player must navigate to complete a quest. Another important location is the Sand Crags, a series of towering rock formations that the player can climb to gain a better vantage point of the surrounding desert. Additionally, there are several abandoned ruins scattered throughout the desert that players can explore to uncover hidden treasures and secrets.

What challenges can players expect to face in The Hissing Wastes?

The Hissing Wastes is a challenging area for players to navigate due to its vast size and harsh terrain. Players will need to contend with extreme temperatures, sandstorms, and dangerous wildlife while exploring the desert. Additionally, the area is home to several enemy factions, including the Sand Sharks and the Deserters, who are hostile to the player’s party. Completing quests in The Hissing Wastes can be particularly challenging due to the treacherous terrain and the need to navigate through dangerous areas to reach objectives.

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