Nuff Said | Deadpool Bonus Missions: Collectables

Character Token

To get the Ms. Marvel Character Token, use a character with fire beam (such as Human Torch) to melt the golden Hulk statue at the start of the mission.

Deadpool Red Brick

Head to the back-right side of the next room and locate the jigsaw on the wall. Use a character with telekinesis power to solve the puzzle and reveal an image of Deadpool. Your reward will be the “Gold Brick Detector” Deadpool Brick.

Stan Lee in Peril

To rescue Stan Lee, choose Magneto to break open the big door located between the stairs.


What are Nuff Said Deadpool Bonus Missions?

Nuff Said Deadpool Bonus Missions are additional levels that can be unlocked by collecting various hidden items scattered throughout the game. These missions are not necessary to complete the main storyline, but they add extra challenges and rewards for players who are willing to explore the game world.

What kinds of collectibles do I need to find to unlock the Nuff Said missions?

There are three types of collectibles that players need to find in order to unlock the Nuff Said missions: comic book covers, gold bears, and tacos. Comic book covers are hidden throughout the game world and can be found by exploring and completing certain objectives. Gold bears are hidden in specific locations and require some puzzle-solving skills to obtain. Tacos can be obtained by defeating certain enemies or completing specific challenges.

What rewards do I get for completing the Nuff Said missions?

Completing the Nuff Said missions unlocks various rewards such as new costumes, weapons, and upgrades for Deadpool. These rewards are not available through regular gameplay and provide additional incentives for players to explore the game world and collect all the hidden items.

Are the Nuff Said missions available in all versions of the game?

The Nuff Said missions are only available in the re-release of Deadpool for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Players who own the original game on previous consoles will not have access to these bonus missions unless they purchase the re-release.

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