Obtaining Disguises and Important Items in Sapienza: The Icon

In The Icon mission, there are only four obtainable disguises and a limited number of items of interest. The following are the most important ones and pay attention to securing the security outfit to access all locations to complete the assassination.

  • Disguises
  • Items of interest


Movie Crew Member Outfit

Wearing this outfit will enable you to move around the movie set freely. You can access the central part of the main square where all the props are located. Additionally, the Eastern part of the set, where the generators and Dino Bosco’s trailer are located, becomes accessible. However, the Northern building, where the fuel case (M9,13) is located, and the Western area, where the pressure control console for the ramp (M9,9) and the pyrotechnics trigger (M9,10) are located, are inaccessible. You can sabotage the generators (M9,7) and the gas lamp (M9,1) while wearing the outfit without the risk of being detected.

The easiest way to obtain this outfit is by luring one of the crew members using a coin near the starting point (M9,3). An outfit is also available next to the toilets in the Eastern part of the map (M9,7), but it’s in a restricted area with several people present and higher chances of being detected.

Kitchen Assistant Outfit

This outfit provides limited benefits as it only grants access to parts of the map that are already accessible. The only exception is the cafГ© (M9,3). The outfit allows you to add poison to the location where Dino Bosco meets his fans (M9,1) without raising suspicion.

You can obtain this outfit by attacking one of the kitchen assistants in the backstreet of the main building (M9,6) or in the cafГ© (M9,2). Alternatively, you can obtain it from the van with an extra outfit inside (M9,3), but you must ensure that you are not detected while taking it.

Security Outfit

The security outfit is the most useful disguise in the mission as it allows you to access the entire map. However, you must be cautious of guards who may expose your cover, such as the one near the cafГ©, the one by the trailer entrance, and the one patrolling the area by the pyrotechnics trigger.

To get the SFX Crew member outfit, you need to be careful not to be seen by the rest of the crew. The outfit will make it easier for you to operate machinery on the set. To obtain it, you should first get the Northern building with the briefcase. You can try to attack one of the specialists after he enters the building, but it’s safer to attract the SFX guy by tossing a throwable on the staircase and killing him there.

The Shop key is located near the cafГ© entrance and can be used to open the cafГ© and some other shops in the area. However, make sure you are wearing the right outfit before entering the cafГ©, or you may be caught.

The Town hall key is inside one of the smaller buildings in the Southern part of the map and can be used to access higher levels of the town hall, including the security room.

The Bosco’s trailer key is in the cafГ© but not as useful because the trailer is being watched by security guards. It’s better to sneak into the trailer through the hole in the roof.

The Bosco’s car key is also in the trailer, and you can use it to escape the mission in the car parked near the starting point. Without the key, you have to reach the alternative route across the old town gate.

To get the outfit, you have to break into the cafГ© or town hall and reach the tower. The tower is being occupied by two people and a movie crew member. You can either shoot them or lure the security guard downstairs by turning on the radio and tossing a throwable. But be careful not to attack the security guard, or the alarm will sound.

Fuel case key, High-Octane Fuel

Inspect the area near the washrooms

The case key can be located by the third floor washrooms (M9,7), accessible in any attire. The key fits the lock of the case in the Northern building (M9,13), where high-octane fuel can be found for use in staging an accident on the set. Without the key, a crowbar or lockpick must be used to open the case.

Kitchen assistant disguise

Acquire the outfit from the parked van

The Kitchen assistant disguise should only be obtained if the intention is to poison Dino Bosco (M9,1), as it allows for the deed to be done without arousing suspicion. The outfit can be found in the van parked in the alley behind the town hall (M9,3). Before donning the disguise, ensure that it is safe to do so.

Emetic rat poison

Poison can be located in the cafГ©’s basement

Rat poison can be found in various places on the map, such as the cafГ©’s basement (M9,2), the cafГ© (M9,3) or the Northern building (M9,13). The primary use of the poison is to incapacitate Dino Bosco in the fan area (M9,1), though it can also be utilized on other crew members, such as movie crew or SFX personnel.

Pyrotechnics trigger

Be cautious of individuals working nearby

The trigger is situated in the Western part of the main square (M9,10) and is a crucial component in the elimination of Dino Bosco through a pyrotechnics explosion. Whether donning a security guard or SFX crewman outfit, one must be vigilant, lest their cover be blown by another member of the crew.


1. What disguises are available in Sapienza: The Icon?

In Sapienza: The Icon, there are a variety of disguises available for Agent 47 to use. Some of the disguises include a lab technician, mansion security guard, mansion staff, and a flower delivery person. Each disguise allows Agent 47 to blend in with different areas of the level and access restricted areas. It’s important to choose the right disguise for each situation in order to avoid detection and complete objectives.

2. What important items should I look out for in Sapienza: The Icon?

There are several important items in Sapienza: The Icon that can help Agent 47 complete his mission. One key item is the keycard that allows access to the mansion and laboratory. Another important item is the rat poison, which can be used to poison food and drinks to eliminate targets without raising suspicion. Additionally, there are various weapons and tools scattered throughout the level that can aid in stealth or combat situations.

3. How can I acquire certain disguises in Sapienza: The Icon?

Acquiring certain disguises in Sapienza: The Icon requires some strategy and careful planning. For example, to obtain the lab technician disguise, Agent 47 must first knock out a technician and hide their body before taking the disguise. To obtain the mansion staff disguise, Agent 47 can either find a uniform in a laundry room or subdue a staff member and take their clothes. It’s important to pay attention to the surroundings and opportunities to acquire the necessary disguises.

4. Can I complete Sapienza: The Icon without using disguises?

While using disguises can make the mission easier, it is possible to complete Sapienza: The Icon without them. However, this requires a much more stealthy approach and careful planning. Without disguises, Agent 47 must rely on hiding in shadows, distracting guards, and using alternative methods to eliminate targets. It’s important to avoid raising suspicion and staying out of sight to complete the mission successfully.

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