Obtaining Skills in Elex 2

This section of the Elex 2 guide will teach you how to gain skills in the game. Our tips will guide you to find the right teachers and acquire the necessary skill points to unlock new abilities.

Upon reaching a new character level in Elex 2, you can allocate attribute points like Strength and Intelligence at any time. However, acquiring skills (perks) requires a different approach, and you cannot unlock them from the character menu. Read on to find out how to gain and learn new skills.

Unlocking a Skill

In Elex 2, you can acquire skills through the Skills Tutor system. To learn a new skill, you must first find a teacher who specializes in that particular ability. Teachers can be found in settlements or around other people, such as the Fort or the Grotto.

Once you locate a skill teacher, they will be marked on the map with a book icon. You can also set a marker to show the location of a specific skill teacher in the character menu, if you have previously found them.

Finding a teacher is just the first step; you must also meet certain requirements to learn a new skill. Firstly, you need skill points earned through leveling up. Secondly, you need to pay the teacher with Elexit crystals. Finally, many skills require you to have high enough attributes or other skills.

We have compiled a list of all skill teachers on a separate page of the guide: Skill teachers.


What are skills in Elex 2 and why are they important?

Skills in Elex 2 are abilities that your character can learn and improve over time. There are three categories of skills: combat, survival, and crafting. Each category has its own unique set of skills that can greatly enhance your character’s abilities in the game. For example, combat skills can improve your character’s damage output and defensive capabilities, while survival skills can help you navigate the harsh environment and avoid dangerous creatures. Crafting skills can allow you to create powerful weapons and items that can give you an edge in combat. It is important to invest time and resources into learning and improving your skills in order to progress through the game’s story and overcome its challenges.

How can I acquire skills in Elex 2?

There are several ways to acquire skills in Elex 2. The most common way is to level up your character by earning experience points through completing quests, defeating enemies, and exploring the game world. Every time you level up, you will be awarded skill points that can be spent on learning new skills or improving existing ones. You can also acquire skills by finding and reading skill books scattered throughout the game world, or by completing certain quests and challenges that reward you with new skills. It is important to plan out your skill progression carefully and choose skills that complement your playstyle and character build.

Are there any prerequisites for learning certain skills in Elex 2?

Yes, there are some prerequisites for learning certain skills in Elex 2. Some skills require that you have a certain level of proficiency in a particular attribute, such as strength or agility. Others may require that you have learned certain prerequisite skills before you can unlock them. It is important to pay attention to these requirements when planning out your skill progression, as it can take time and resources to meet them. However, investing in the right skills can greatly enhance your character’s abilities and make the game much more enjoyable and rewarding to play.

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