On the Scent | Main quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance

On the Scent is a significant quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The protagonist continues to look for the bandits who attacked Neuhof. This time, he goes to the Ledetchko village and its surroundings to track down Reeky.

Important – If you want, you can skip the search and go straight to the cave where Reeky is hiding. The information about his location is in the last part of this quest description.

  • Locating Reeky
  • Reaching Reeky’s hideout

Locating Reeky

Ask anyone in the village about Reeky, and you’ll know that he is the son of the local tanner. By asking a few additional questions, you might learn that he meets with one of the female workers of the local bath. You can act in a few ways:

  1. Meet with the Tanner and discuss his son. During the conversation, you can use one of the unique dialogue options. The easiest option here is to impress the tanner (he has only 5 points).
  2. Meet with Adela, the bath employee, and inquire about Reeky’s whereabouts. During the conversation, you should try using persuasion (7 points).

  1. The Tanner and/or Adela should provide you with two important pieces of information. The first one is that Reeky was illegally hunting animals and that he sold the meat to a local innkeeper.
  2. Meet with the innkeeper. You must pay him for the information about Reeky or use one of the unique dialogue options. If the conversation is successful, you will gain information about the location of a few caves and mines. There you might find the bandit.

  1. The second piece of information is that Reeky was visiting the wood camp in the forest in the past. You can go to that camp. Speak to Raspberry and ask about Reeky.
  2. You will gain advice related to the route to the hideout of the bandit. Listen to it carefully and go according to them. Each time you reach a location from Raspberry’s description, the quest will update, and a new advice will appear in the journal.

Reaching Reeky’s hideout

  1. Reach the hideout in any way you want. The hideout is the cave marked in the above picture – it’s located next to a small glade. The cave is in the forest northeast from Ledetchko.

Reeky’s health depends on how fast you have reached him:

  1. You didn’t waste any time – Runt is in good shape. HOWEVER, you come across bandits after leaving the cave. You can help Reeky defeat the attackers or leave him behind and run away.
  2. You spent a lot of time searching for Reeky – the man is gravely injured. The bandits won’t appear, but Reeky can’t be saved (you can only end his suffering by killing him mercifully).

No matter what you do, you get the location of Timmy, and you can start another main quest


What are the main quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

The main quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance revolve around the story of Henry, a young blacksmith’s apprentice whose peaceful life is disrupted by a brutal invasion. The game features several key quests, such as “Awakening,” which sets the stage for the game’s main story, and “The Prey,” which sees Henry embarking on a dangerous mission to rescue a captive noblewoman. Other main quests include “The Hunt Begins,” “Ginger in a Pickle,” and “Epilogue.” These quests are integral to the game’s progression, and completing them will unlock new areas, characters, and storylines.

How do I start a main quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

To start a main quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance, players must first complete any necessary prerequisites. This may include completing side quests, upgrading skills, or obtaining certain items. Once these prerequisites are met, the player can then activate the quest by speaking to the appropriate NPC or visiting a specific location. Each main quest in the game is marked on the player’s map with a distinctive icon, making them easy to identify and track.

Can I complete main quests in any order in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

While Kingdom Come Deliverance allows for a certain degree of player choice and exploration, the main quests in the game must be completed in a specific order. This is because the story of Henry and his journey is tightly woven together, with each quest building upon the previous one. Attempting to skip ahead or complete quests out of order can lead to confusion and frustration, as well as potentially locking the player out of certain areas or storylines. It is recommended that players follow the natural progression of the game’s main story, completing each quest as it becomes available.

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