Organize the Tabloids | Deadpool Bonus Missions: Collectibles

Character Token

To get a character token, you need to locate and assemble three special newspapers. The first one is concealed on the far-right corner of the space – to obtain it, melt the golden radiator and construct the newspaper from the rubble.

Go to the opposite end of the room and demolish a silver cardboard box positioned in the corner. Now construct the second newspaper.

Finally, approach the office in front of you and assemble the last newspaper. The character token for Doctor Octopus (Ultimate) will appear in the center of the desk.

Deadpool Red Brick

To find the Deadpool brick, enter the office with Deadpool hidden inside and use Jean’s telekinetic power to put nearby chalices in the correct places (the color of the base should match the chalice). You will now receive the “Studs x4” Deadpool Brick.

Stan Lee in Peril

Stan Lee is buried under the pile of sand on the right-hand side of the room. Select Wolverine or any other character with claws to dig a hole in that pile and set Stan Lee free.


1. What are the Tabloid Tidy Up missions in Deadpool?

The Tabloid Tidy Up missions are a series of bonus missions in the Deadpool video game that require players to collect various items scattered throughout each level. These items include tabloid newspapers, rubber duckies, and other random objects. The missions are optional, but completing them unlocks new concept art and other bonus content.

2. How do I find the collectables in the Deadpool Tabloid Tidy Up missions?

Each level in the Tabloid Tidy Up missions has a set number of collectables to find. Some are hidden in plain sight, while others require players to solve puzzles or use their abilities to reach them. The game provides hints on where to find each collectable, but players can also use their map to locate them. It’s important to explore each level thoroughly and keep an eye out for anything that looks out of place.

3. What rewards do I get for completing the Deadpool Tabloid Tidy Up missions?

Completing the Tabloid Tidy Up missions in Deadpool unlocks new concept art, audio logs, and other bonus content. Some of this content provides additional backstory for the game’s characters, while others are simply fun Easter eggs for fans of the Deadpool franchise. Collecting all of the items in each mission also earns players an achievement or trophy, depending on their platform.

4. Are the Deadpool Tabloid Tidy Up missions worth playing?

While the Tabloid Tidy Up missions in Deadpool are optional, they provide a fun and challenging diversion from the game’s main story. Collecting all of the items in each mission can be a bit tedious, but the rewards are worth it for fans of the franchise. The bonus content adds depth to the game’s characters and world, and the concept art is a treat for fans of comic book art in general. Overall, the Tabloid Tidy Up missions are a great addition to an already entertaining game.

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