Overview | Cradle of Sulevin

The statue in the Cradle of Sulevin

Cradle of Sulevin is a small area that becomes accessible after obtaining information in Emprise du Lion about the Sulevin Blade. Your objective is to locate four sword fragments that can be combined into a legendary weapon by Dagna in Skyhold. The only enemies you’ll encounter are skeletons and undead summoned by lighting statues that hold the fragments.

How to unlock: Find the notes on the Sulevin Blade in Emprise du Lion for the “Ruined Blade” quest (see game walkthrough for details).

Recommended level: The enemies in the ruins are only undead and skeletons, so level 11 is sufficient.

Important notes:

1) Unlike other minor locations, you can revisit Cradle of Sulevin anytime via the world map. If you’re underleveled, you can retreat and return later.

2) To collect the blade fragments, use the beacon to light up four statues and defeat the undead they summon.

3) A glyph (rune) and mosaic fragment can also be found in this area.


1. What is the Cradle of Sulevin?

The Cradle of Sulevin is a new DLC for the game Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is a new adventure that takes place in the Fade, a realm of dreams and nightmares. The DLC is focused on the ancient elven ruins of Sulevin, which are said to be the birthplace of the elven gods. It is a challenging adventure with new enemies, puzzles, and rewards.

2. Do I need to have completed the main game to play the Cradle of Sulevin?

Yes, you will need to have completed the main game and have a character who has reached at least level 20 in order to play the Cradle of Sulevin. The DLC is designed to be a challenge for experienced players who have completed the main game and are looking for new adventures and challenges.

3. What new content is included in the Cradle of Sulevin?

The Cradle of Sulevin includes a new area to explore, new enemies to face, new puzzles to solve, and new rewards to earn. There are also new weapons, armor, and accessories that can be found throughout the DLC. The DLC also includes new lore and backstory about the elven gods and the ruins of Sulevin.

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