How to Unlock Missions in Days Gone

In this section of our Days Gone guide, we will provide you with some basic information on how to unlock both main and side missions, as well as what rewards you can expect to receive for completing them.

  • Unlocking New Missions
  • Important Tips for Completing Missions
  • Types of Mission Rewards

Unlocking New Missions

The majority of missions in Days Gone will automatically appear in Deacon’s journal right after completing the previous task. This is particularly true for the main storyline missions.

Additionally, new missions can be unlocked through radio contact with other characters in the game. These messages will appear once you’ve made enough progress in the game, and can be either primary or secondary missions. For secondary missions, you will need to return to the camp where the quest giver is located in order to receive the briefing and begin the mission.

Another way to start a mission is by exploring the game world. New tasks may appear in Deacon’s journal as you get close to certain areas, such as new camps or Infestation zones. Completing these areas will count as optional missions. Deacon can also add new quests to his journal by studying maps in the bunkers located under the camps. This reveals new areas on the map, which can be explored for additional missions.

Instructions for Completing Missions

  1. Many missions can be started at any time during the game, except for the main missions that follow a specific order. You must complete the current story mission series before returning to the free journey through the game world.
  2. There is no need to rush the completion of new tasks as the game does not contain time counters that affect how long a quest can be active.
  3. A mission can end in total failure, which can happen if Deacon dies, or if the mission objective concerning other NPCs is ignored, or if the accompanying ally dies.
  4. Missions in Days Gone cannot be retaken, including the main story missions.
  5. Missions can be associated with different storylines, and completing a mission can increase the level of completion for one or several other storylines.

Mission Rewards

The rewards for completing a mission include experience points, credits, and trust points. The amount of XP points received depends on the level of complexity and importance of the mission. You can receive up to 10,000 XP for completing a long and difficult main plot quest. Credits are collected separately for each of the main camps, and trust points are also gathered separately for each camp. Additional rewards may be offered for completing some missions.

For more information on gaining trust in individual camps, refer to the Encampments section of the game guide.

To create new items, plans must be crafted. Most plans can be unlocked by completing missions that involve retaking Ambush Camp. Crafting plans may include medicinal cocktails, various types of crossbow bolts, traps, or improved melee weapons like a baseball bat with spikes. A comprehensive list of crafting plans is available in the Crafting Plans section of our guide. Unique motorcycle paints are also available as rewards for completing the storyline 100%. Deacon’s motorcycle can be repainted at one of the mechanics’ stores with a full range of supplies.


What missions can I unlock in Days Gone?

In Days Gone, there are a variety of missions that can be unlocked as you progress through the game. These include story missions, side missions, and bounty hunter missions. Story missions are the main missions of the game and are required to progress the storyline. Side missions are optional and can be found by exploring the open world. Bounty hunter missions are also optional and involve taking down specific targets for rewards.

How do I unlock new missions in Days Gone?

To unlock new missions in Days Gone, you must progress through the game’s storyline. Completing story missions will unlock new missions, including side missions and bounty hunter missions. Additionally, exploring the open world and interacting with characters can also lead to the discovery of new missions.

Can I replay missions in Days Gone?

Yes, players are able to replay missions in Days Gone. After completing a mission, it will be added to a list of completed missions in the game’s menu. From there, players can select the mission they want to replay and start it again.

Do unlocked missions expire in Days Gone?

No, unlocked missions do not expire in Days Gone. Once a mission has been unlocked, it will remain available for the player to complete at any time. However, some missions may become unavailable if the player progresses too far in the game’s storyline, so it is recommended to complete missions as they become available.

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