How to Prevent Falling Off Your Motorcycle in Days Gone

It’s easy to fall off your motorcycle in Days Gone if you’re not careful or quick enough to react to obstacles and enemies. In this guide, we’ll share some tips to help you avoid falling off your bike.

Here are the three most common reasons for falling off your bike:

  1. Colliding with an indestructible obstacle, such as a rock, tree, or building wall. Be mindful of these obstacles when driving off-road and keep a safe distance. Riding on bumpy terrain can also cause your bike to accidentally turn left or right.
  2. Being attacked by a Freaker or wild animal. Driving a motorcycle doesn’t make you immune to hand-to-hand combat with enemies. Monsters and predators, like wolves, can jump at your bike and knock you off. Keep a safe distance from these creatures and use melee weapons to attack them while riding.
  3. Being attacked by a human opponent, like a sniper. If you notice a red laser sight beam on Deacon, quickly get off your bike to avoid getting shot and knocked off.

If you fall off your bike, press the Square button to pick it up. Be aware of enemies in the area before doing so. Check your bike’s damage and durability, and repair it if needed before continuing to ride.


1. What causes the player to fall off their bike in Days Gone?

In Days Gone, the player can fall off their bike due to a number of reasons. These include hitting obstacles such as rocks, trees, and vehicles, as well as taking sharp turns at high speeds. Additionally, the player’s bike can sustain damage from enemy attacks or crashes, which can cause it to handle poorly and increase the likelihood of falling.

2. How can the player avoid falling off their bike?

To avoid falling off their bike in Days Gone, the player should pay close attention to the road ahead and be prepared to slow down or swerve to avoid obstacles. Additionally, the player can upgrade their bike’s handling and durability through the game’s upgrade system, which will make it easier to navigate rough terrain and withstand damage from enemy attacks. It’s also important to maintain a safe speed when taking turns and to avoid sudden movements that could throw off the bike’s balance.

3. What should the player do if they do fall off their bike?

If the player falls off their bike in Days Gone, they should quickly get back on and continue riding. It’s important to keep moving to avoid getting caught by enemies or other hazards in the game world. If the bike is damaged, the player can use scrap and other materials to repair it at any of the game’s mechanic stations. If the player is injured in the fall, they can use bandages and other health items to heal themselves.

4. Are there any skills or abilities that can help the player avoid falling off their bike?

Yes, there are several skills and abilities in Days Gone that can help the player avoid falling off their bike. For example, the “Focus Shot” ability allows the player to slow down time and take more accurate shots while riding, which can help them take out enemies before they have a chance to attack. The “Endurance” skill increases the player’s stamina and reduces the amount of damage taken from falls and crashes, making it easier to stay on the bike. Additionally, the “Quick Reload” skill allows the player to reload their weapons faster while riding, which can be helpful in combat situations.

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