How to Ride a Motorcycle in Days Gone Without Losing Fuel?

In Days Gone, the main character’s motorcycle has a limited amount of fuel. When you run out of fuel, you must either find gas tanks or request a motorcycle transportation service at the camp mechanic. However, the game allows you to save fuel in a way that defies the laws of physics and logic…

The fuel in the motorcycle evaporates at the same rate regardless of how hard you press the gas or whether you release it. If you ride the motorcycle (even at a slow speed), the fuel disappears. Therefore, driving in an “eco-friendly” way is not effective. It’s better to drive aggressively and quickly, covering more distance in less time to save fuel.

You won’t make any noise while driving, unless you’re alone.

However, there is a way to drive without losing fuel. You can use the “freewheel” mode when riding downhill from mountains or hills. To do this, you must stop the motorcycle and tilt the left handle forward to push it away (keep it tilted all the time, or the motorcycle will stop). Only then will the fuel consumption stop. If you push off by pressing the gas and decide to drive down in freewheel mode, you will lose as much fuel as if you were constantly pressing the gas button.

You can push the motorcycle forward even on a straight road.

You can tell that you’re doing it right and saving fuel in two ways:

  1. When you release the handle or press the gas, the motorcycle slows down or stops.
  2. During a completely free downhill ride, the motorcycle makes no noise (which can be seen on the radar icon; when you press the gas, the engine makes a quiet sound and the icon shows the emitted sound level).

TIP 1: You can also push the motorcycle on flat terrain, but it’s very slow. However, if you’re running out of fuel in front of a gas station or you have the opportunity to push the motorcycle a few meters further down the hill, it’s worth pushing off a few more times.

TIP 2: By driving down in freewheel mode from a great height, you can reach a higher speed than by pressing the gas button (and not lose any fuel). It’s not logical, but that’s how the driving mechanics work in Days Gone.


1. How can I conserve fuel while riding a motorcycle in Days Gone?

In Days Gone, fuel is a precious resource that can be hard to come by. One way to conserve fuel while riding your motorcycle is to avoid using the boost as much as possible. While the boost can be helpful in certain situations, it also uses a lot of fuel. Instead, try to maintain a steady speed and use your brakes when necessary to slow down. Additionally, you can turn off your motorcycle when you’re not actively riding it, such as when you’re looting or searching for resources. This will help to conserve fuel and ensure that you have enough to get to your next destination.

2. Can I find ways to refill my motorcycle’s fuel tank?

Yes, there are several ways to refill your motorcycle’s fuel tank in Days Gone. One way is to search for fuel canisters scattered throughout the game world. These canisters can be found in abandoned buildings, gas stations, and other locations. You can also purchase fuel from certain vendors in the game, although this can be expensive. Another option is to craft your own fuel using resources like kerosene and ethanol. However, this requires a recipe and the necessary materials, so it may not always be feasible.

3. What should I do if I run out of fuel while riding my motorcycle?

If you run out of fuel while riding your motorcycle in Days Gone, you’ll need to find a way to refill your tank as soon as possible. One option is to search for nearby gas stations or other locations where you might be able to find fuel. Alternatively, you can try to scavenge for fuel canisters or craft your own fuel using the necessary resources. If all else fails, you may need to abandon your motorcycle and continue on foot until you can find a way to refill your tank.

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