Life is Strange: Dark Room, Chapter 4

This guide is dedicated to Chapter 4 of Episode 4 (Dark Room) in Life is Strange. We have provided a walkthrough for the actions that need to be performed in the barn and at the party. There are 5 achievements that can be obtained during this chapter: Fisheye, Manually Exposed, Slideshow, Tripod, Shutterbug, and Dark Room.

You and Chloe will visit a mysterious location based on the clues you have found. Before searching for the alternative entrance to the shed, turn left and take another photo for your album. If the bird in the picture flies away before you capture it, rewind time and try again.

After taking the photo, turn around and head towards the side wall of the shed. You will find a metal cover here, which you can move to gain access. Once inside, search for anything suspicious.

During your exploration of the shed, you will walk on hay and hear a metal cover under your feet in some areas. Walk towards the wall shown in the picture and uncover the entrance to the basement. You will then see a padlock.

After an unsuccessful attempt at opening the padlock, walk towards the higher ledge shown in the picture and climb onto it. Use the old engine above to reach the first floor. Once there, you will find an owl that you can photograph and add to your collection.

During your exploration, Max will use the lever, rope, and old engine to open the hatch in the ground. Walk down and towards the hook shown in the picture. Attach it to the padlock and return to the top. The old engine that allowed you to climb up will be perfect for lifting the hook on the hatch. Go back in time to when the engine was above, attach the rope, and pull it down.

Upon reaching the basement, you will come across a technologically advanced bunker. You will need to guess the numerical password that protects access inside. Max will inform you that some of the numbers have been erased and that you must guess the password through trial and error. If you paid attention, you may recall that the number was in Nathan’s school documents (marked in red) and is 542. After entering three incorrect numbers, the mechanism will lock and you will need to rewind time.

After entering the bunker, you will see a plan for a prepared photo shoot. You will also find some clues that Kate and Rachel were forced to pose under the influence of drugs. Additional information, including photos, can be found on the computer. To find the rest, walk towards the drawer next to Chloe and take the photo album set.

After escaping from the bunker, you and Chloe will head to the party at the Vortex Club. After passing through the gates, go towards the trampoline and look to your right. You will be able to take one last photo for your collection.

On your way to the VIP section, you can find Alyssa by going left and warn her about the danger. If Alyssa refuses to help you get to the closed part of the party, you will have to find a different way to get to the VIPs. To do this, go to the other side of the pool and remove the blockade. After crossing over, reverse time to restore everything to normal. Talk to Victoria in the VIP section about Nathan and warn her about the bunker. Depending on the previous episodes, she may believe you and thank you for the warning or ignore it. Return to Chloe and leave the party together to go to Rachel Amber’s burial site. While exploring, you will be attacked and injected with a drug, and Chloe will be killed. You will learn that your enemy is not Nathan, but Mr. Jefferson.


What is Life is Strange: Dark Room, Chapter 4?

Life is Strange: Dark Room, Chapter 4 is the fourth and penultimate episode of the Life is Strange series. The game is an episodic graphic adventure game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix. In this chapter, players continue to play as teenage student Maxine Caulfield, who discovers she has the power to rewind time. Maxine is still investigating the disappearance of her friend Rachel Amber, and the chapter delves deeper into the dark secrets of the town of Arcadia Bay. The game is known for its emotional storytelling, player choice mechanics, and beautiful art style. The decisions players make in the game have far-reaching consequences on the story’s outcome, making the game a thrilling and unique experience for each player.

What can players expect from Chapter 4 of Life is Strange: Dark Room?

Chapter 4 of Life is Strange: Dark Room is an intense and emotional chapter that delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding Arcadia Bay. Players can expect to be faced with difficult decisions that will impact the story’s outcome, as well as emotional scenes that will test their empathy. The game’s art style continues to impress, with detailed environments and characters that make the world feel alive. Players will also have the opportunity to interact with new characters and learn more about the town’s history. As the penultimate chapter in the series, players can expect the stakes to be raised and the tension to be higher than ever before.

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