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In this section of the TES V: Skyrim guide, we provide a step-by-step walkthrough for the A Chance Arrangement quest involving Brynjolf. The quest requires the player to steal Madesi’s ring. Our guide will show you where to find the ring and how to steal it without getting caught.

  • New main objective: Steal Madesi’s Ring
  • New main objective: Plant Madesi’s Ring
  • New main objective: Speak to Brynjolf

New main objective: Steal Madesi’s Ring

Approach Madesi’s stand and stand by the sliding door. Make sure you have at least a couple lockpicks and crouch. You need to make sure that you’re hidden (screen above) and the eye icon doesn’t appear, as otherwise you would get noticed by a guard at once. Additionally take a look around to check if any of the guards is heading this way. Items and skills boosting the Sneak skill might come in handy here, though it won’t be necessary as you will be able to complete this mission even by playing with a character without experience in pickpocketing. Use the lockpick to open the lock in the door.

Note: If you get caught during the quest, you will have to pay a fine, go to prison, or fight the Riften Guards in direct combat.

Next, break into Madesi’s chest. Once again, make sure you’re hidden before attempting this (screen above) to avoid getting caught. Use the lockpick to open the chest and take all the items, including Madesi’s Ring.

New main objective: Plant Madesi’s Ring

Return to where Brynjolf is giving a speech and stand behind Brand-Shei’s back, as shown on the screen above. Crouch and make sure you’re hidden (the game should inform you), then press E to open the pickpocket menu.

Go to your inventory, choose Apparel, select Madesi’s Ring (screen above), and press R to put it in the pocket of the trader you interacted with. Close the window.

New main objective: Speak to Brynjolf

Return to Brynjolf. If you successfully stole and planted the ring, you’ll be rewarded with gold. If you got caught, he’ll express his disappointment. However, you’ll learn Esbern’s whereabouts in both cases (screen above). Brynjolf will offer you additional work, even if you failed his first mission. You can continue with the A Cornered Rat quest (starting from Finding Esbern), but consider watching the trader with the planted ring getting arrested.

Side quest unlocked: Taking Care of Business


1. What is “The Theft” in the game “Skyrim”?

“The Theft” is a quest in the popular video game “Skyrim”. Players must steal a valuable item from a safe in a heavily guarded mansion. The quest can be completed in various ways, including sneaking around undetected or fighting off the guards. Successfully completing this quest will reward the player with gold and valuable items.

2. How do I start “The Theft” quest in “Skyrim”?

To start “The Theft” quest, players must first speak to Brynjolf in the city of Riften. Brynjolf is a member of the Thieves Guild and will offer the player a chance to join. The player must complete a few small tasks for the Thieves Guild before being given the opportunity to take on “The Theft” quest.

3. What is “A Chance Arrangement” in “Skyrim”?

“A Chance Arrangement” is a quest in “Skyrim” where players must meet with a woman named Keerava at the Bee and Barb inn in Riften. Keerava will offer the player a chance to participate in a heist where they must steal a valuable ring from a wealthy merchant. The player can choose to complete the heist alone or recruit other members of the Thieves Guild to assist them.

4. How do I complete “A Chance Arrangement” in “Skyrim”?

To complete “A Chance Arrangement”, players must first speak to Keerava at the Bee and Barb inn in Riften. She will provide the player with information on the target and the location of the ring. The player must then sneak into the target’s house and steal the ring without being detected. If the player is caught, they will fail the quest. Upon successfully completing the heist, the player will be rewarded with gold and valuable items.

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