New objective: Travel to Irkngthand

Irkngthand, an ancient Dwemer ruin, is located on a mountain slope in the middle of Skyrim. To reach it, start from Whiterun and head east towards Valtheim Towers. From there, go north and climb the hill until you can see the fortress. Alternatively, start from Fort Dunstad and head southeast for an easier route.

Upon arrival, you will encounter a group of thugs. You can try to sneak past them or eliminate them for an easier path. As they are just normal bandits, they should be easy to defeat (surprise attacks deal more damage!).

You will eventually come across a grated passage that leads to the further part of the fortress. The gate can be easily avoided by taking the path on the right. After reaching the other side, pull the lever to open the passage (as shown in the screenshot) for an easier exit later on. The only entrance to Irkngthand is located at the very top, which can be reached by following the footbridges.

New objective: Speak to Karliah

Upon entering the dwarven fortress, you will come across dead bandits scattered throughout the room. The next room contains piles of destroyed machines – it is clear that there has been a fierce battle here. The third room is patrolled by five Dwarven Spheres, which are strong enemies. As avoiding them is nearly impossible, you can stand in a corner of the room and shoot arrows at them. You should be able to handle them thanks to your strategic position.

Continue onwards and you will come across fire-spitting pillars. They move clockwise and can be avoided easily. Alternatively, use the Whirlwind Sprint Shout to quickly move past them. Be sure to stay quiet as the Dwarven Spider Workers in the room may notice you if you don’t sneak past them.

Once you leave the fire room, head to the elevator which will take you to the Irkngthand Grand Cavern where Karliah and Brynjolf are waiting for you. Before heading there, take a look into the corridor to the left of the elevator where you can find a chest with valuable items inside.

Upon arriving at the lower level via the elevator, speak to Karliah. She will inform you that the bandits in the first room were killed by Mercer Frey and warn you of traps in the further part of the fortress.

Primary Objective: Find Mercer Frey’s Location

Karliah’s warning was accurate – the entire underground is full of traps. You must be extremely cautious when opening the first door as a spiked ball will come crashing down at you. Before the trap, note the Expert level locked door – inside you can find some Dwemer items and potions that will make your mission easier.

As you proceed, you’ll come across Mercer battling Falmers. To follow his trail, turn right and navigate through the winding Irkngthang corridors. Beware of the Falmers who will attack you on sight. However, you won’t have to worry much as Brynjolf and Karliah are skilled warriors, and the underground journey will not be too challenging.

Further into the ruins, you’ll encounter a propeller trap. It may not be a challenge for you, but your teammates may struggle. In the tower on the right, you’ll find a dwarven ballista that will help you deal with the Falmers below. This will alleviate some of your worries.

After that, open the gate to the next section of the underground by pulling two levers on opposite sides of the room (as shown in the image above). Both levers must be activated for the gate to open. Each lever deactivates after a certain time. Therefore, activate one lever and quickly rush to the other (utilize the Whirlwind Sprint Shout if necessary).

After passing through the gate, you’ll come across a room with numerous dwarven towers. Most of them will be manned by Falmers who will try to shoot you with bows. Fortunately, they’re not very skilled, and they’re easy to surprise. One of them is a Shaman who can cast spells. You must be extra cautious with him. Once he’s defeated, search his body for a shaman key required in the next section of the underground.

Proceed to the upper level of the fortress and beware of the snares. Look around the rooms to find two Detect Life Scrolls – even if you don’t plan on using them, they’re worth taking as they’re priced at 500 gold each. In the next cave, you’ll have to fight several Falmers. You must eliminate them quietly as they are too numerous for a direct confrontation. However, there is an easy solution – to the right of the entrance, there is a button on the ground that activates the Centurion in the middle of the room. Press the button to activate the machine, causing it to attack everything around it. After the massacre, kill the survivors and proceed. Kill the remaining Falmers and Frostbite Spiders and enter the Irkngthand Slave Pens.

Upon entering the next area, it becomes apparent that it is a torture room. To eliminate the two Falmers standing next to the table with a deceased thief, pull the lever in the left room. Beside the thief’s corpse, there is information regarding the Eyes of the Falmer, the artifact that Mercer Frey is searching for. Proceed through the corridor, being mindful of the pressure plates that activate a fire trap and the enemies in the next room, whom you can either avoid or eliminate depending on your preference. Progress further, passing through the small corridor behind the Falmers camp and killing two enemies within.

Another camp awaits, inhabited by Falmers and giant worms known as Chauruses. To avoid fighting or at least kill the enemies safely, climb onto the pipes running below the ceiling (shown in the screen above). Once you have dealt with them, proceed onwards and defeat two more enemies. Beside the tents, there is a dwarven chest containing surprisingly powerful artifacts. You will then arrive at the Irkngthand Sanctuary, where Mercer is hiding.

New main objective: Slay Mercer Frey

New main objective: Retrieve the Skeleton Key

Upon entering the Sanctuary, you will observe the traitor extracting the Eyes of the Falmer from the statue in the center of the room. Mercer will eventually detect your presence and cast a spell on Brynjolf, causing him to fight Karliah. As a result, you will have to confront the Guild Leader alone.

Mercer is a proficient swordsman, wielding two swords, one of which can drain life. Moreover, the enemy can also disappear temporarily, making him nearly invisible. You can utilize the Detect Life Scrolls that you previously found or set the enemy on fire to pinpoint his location. If that is insufficient, use the compass at the top of the screen, which will always indicate Mercer’s current position, or search for ripples in the water. Remember that the enemy can attack and be harmed while invisible, so do not let him strike you from behind.

After fatally injuring the traitor, quickly search his body. Apart from some advantageous equipment, you will also discover the Eyes of the Falmer (for Delvin Mallory) and the Skeleton Key, the purpose for which you journeyed there.

New main objective: Escape from Irkngthand

Upon killing Mercer, the room becomes completely flooded. The door through which you entered is blocked, so you must wait for the water level to rise and escape via the tunnel above the Falmer statue. There is nothing to be concerned about, merely float on the water.

Proceed forward along the corridor. Eventually, you will arrive at a cave where nothing poses a threat to you anymore. At this point, converse with your companions.

New Main Goal: Talk to Karliah

After fleeing from Irkngthand Sanctuary, take a moment to speak with Karliah. The elf will inform you that your task is not yet complete – you must return the Skeleton Key to its rightful place. However, this will prove to be difficult, as you’ll need to traverse the treacherous Pilgrim’s Path to return it to Nocturnal. Bid farewell to the thieves and receive the Nightingale Bow, the game’s most valuable item of its kind (its quality is based on the wielder’s level).

Prior to departing, visit The Ragged Flagon to sell your artifacts, restock on supplies, and improve your skills. As the final Guild mission awaits you, remember that the Skeleton Key can unlock any lock (similar to an indestructible lockpick). Prior to returning it to the goddess, you may use it for your own purposes.

Thieves Guild quest unlocked: Darkness Returns


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