Purity of Revenge

New main objective: Collect the fragments of Wuuthrad

New optional objective: Eliminate the Silver Hand

Exit the Jorrvaskr sanctuary, open the world map, and locate Driftshade Refuge (shown in the above screenshot) located in the northern part of Skyrim. If you have not discovered it yet, it is recommended to begin your journey in Dawnstar and head south-east. Plan your route wisely because climbing is involved. Avoid steep mountain slopes as they will only make your journey more difficult.

The Silver Hand headquarters you are searching for is located on the higher mountain (shown in the above screenshot). Once you arrive, eliminate all the local werewolf hunters. During this quest, it is recommended to explore the area thoroughly to ensure that you have defeated all opponents. Otherwise, the optional objective may not be completed. After killing all enemies, use the small door to enter the Driftshade Refuge.

Head north and you will encounter the first group of opponents after reaching the large chamber (shown in the above screenshot). Keep an eye out for heavily armored enemies and quickly eliminate the bowmen. After the battle, use the western passage as the northern door is closed. Be cautious as there are a few more werewolf hunters in the area.


Continue west and explore the Silver Hand stronghold. New opponents await you in the next large chamber. Eliminate them, explore the area, and choose the corridor leading north. Along the way, you will encounter a closed door to the western room (shown in the screenshot above). If you want to complete the optional objective of this quest, you must break in as there is one Silver Hand member inside.

Return to the main corridor and keep moving forward. Prepare for another battle after a while. Make sure all enemies are defeated and approach the eastern passage (shown in the above screenshot). Pull the lever to gain access to the door leading to the Driftshade Cellar.

Head north to find new Silver Hand members in the area. You can eliminate at least a few of them by using the local trap, stepping on the pressure plate at the right moment (shown in the screenshot above). Examine the cabinets for more or less valuable armor elements, and then choose the corridor leading east.

Open the door to the next room and deal with the group of opponents there. After the battle, it is suggested to search for the Light Armor skill book, The Rear Guard. After exploring the area, choose the northern entrance to the ice cavern (shown in the above screenshot). Be cautious as you will be attacked by werewolf hunters, including at least one stronger opponent. You can free the local wild werewolf if you wish, but it will still attack you.

Head north and attack another group of Silver Hand members. Once again, choose the corridor leading north (shown in the screenshot above). After reaching the next cellar room, prepare for a battle with new enemies. Defeat them all and choose the corridor leading north. Finally, you will reach the door leading to the previously unexplored part of the Driftshade Refuge.

To complete the quest, head up the stairs and attack the last group of werewolf hunters. It’s best to take out the bowmen first to avoid complications later. Once you’ve defeated them, the game should acknowledge the optional objective. If not, go back to the previous location and ensure it’s fully secured.

Now it’s time to explore the area. You’ll come across two valuable books, one for One-Handed skill and the other for Block skill. Make sure to check the enemies’ corpses as well, as one of them had a decent sword. Don’t forget to grab all of Wuuthrad’s fragments from the table.

Your new primary objective is to return to Jorrvaskr. You can take the southern corridor to access previously explored locations, and interact with the bar to leave Driftshade Refuge. Once you’re back in Whiterun, Vilkas will part ways with you, mentioning preparations for a funeral. You can start the next major Companions quest without any further preparations.

Unlocked quest: Glory of the Dead.


What is the purity of revenge?

The purity of revenge is the idea that revenge should be carried out without any external or ulterior motives. It means that the person seeking revenge should be solely focused on obtaining justice or retribution for the wrong that was done to them, rather than seeking personal gain or satisfaction. The purity of revenge is often associated with the concept of honor, as seeking revenge for a perceived wrongdoing is seen as a way to restore one’s honor or reputation. However, it is important to note that seeking revenge can also perpetuate a cycle of violence and lead to further harm.

Is there a difference between seeking revenge and seeking justice?

Yes, there is a difference between seeking revenge and seeking justice. Seeking revenge is often a personal and emotional response to a perceived wrongdoing, whereas seeking justice is a legal and systematic process aimed at righting a wrong and punishing the perpetrator. Revenge can often be irrational and result in further harm, while justice seeks to restore balance and prevent future harm. It is important to seek justice through legal means rather than taking matters into one’s own hands, as revenge can lead to negative consequences and perpetuate a cycle of violence.

Can revenge ever be justified?

The question of whether revenge can ever be justified is a complex one. While seeking revenge may provide a sense of satisfaction or closure for the person seeking it, it can also perpetuate a cycle of violence and harm others. Revenge can also be irrational and lead to negative consequences, such as legal repercussions or further harm to oneself or others. However, in some situations, seeking revenge may be seen as a way to restore one’s honor and seek justice for a perceived wrongdoing. Ultimately, the decision to seek revenge should be carefully considered and weighed against the potential consequences.

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