The Black Star – Part 2

Typically, you can explore the surroundings (a chest and the flooded northern room) or continue eastward. It is advisable to save your progress, for one of the rooms contains not only weaker Necromancers (eliminate them first), but also an Arch Necromancer (as shown in the picture above). He is not only highly resistant, but can also summon powerful creatures and use potent offensive spells. Therefore, plan your attacks carefully and keep an eye on your health, magic, and stamina bars.

After defeating all the enemies, search the area. It is recommended to break into the western room and explore the eastern storage room. Finally, choose the corridor leading south. Soon, you will reach a larger room with an altar (as shown in the picture above). No enemies will attack you there, but you will discover more valuable treasures hidden inside the large chest.

Select the passage leading west, then turn south. Along the way, you can break into the western room, although nothing particularly valuable can be found inside. Use the stairs (as shown in the picture above) and move the bolt to open the door. Note that you have now reached the balcony inside one of the previously visited rooms. Proceed to the door leading to Ilinalta’s Deluge.

Head north. You should attack the Necromancers in the first room by surprise (as shown in the picture above), although eliminating them will not be too difficult even in normal combat. Take this opportunity to explore the eastern storage room and then head west after checking each corner.

The north-west corridor should be patrolled by only one Ascendant Necromancer (as shown in the picture above). It is not recommended to approach him, as it may provoke the other Necromancers to join in. Instead, wait for him to come to you by himself and finish him off when he does.

As mentioned before, there are other Necromancers in the area. They occupy the north-east room, and you should be especially cautious of the Master Necromancer (as shown in the picture above). Keep in mind that he is not only highly resistant, but also casts powerful offensive spells (especially ice projectiles) and summons mighty creatures to aid him.

After defeating all the enemies, investigate the area. It is particularly recommended to explore the large chest to find a few valuable items. The most precious of these is the Broken Azura’s Star, lying in front of the throne (as shown in the picture above).

New Main Objective: Bring the Star to Aranea or Bring the Star to Nelacar

Before deciding who to give the Azura’s Star to, you must leave this place. Use the stairs leading to the upper level of the tower, and after arriving there, search for a ladder leading to the surface (as shown in the picture above). You will then have to choose your ally:

To bring the Daedric artifact to the elven mage Nelacar, go to Option A. If you want to give it to Anarea, who represents Azura’s will, skip to Option B. Open the world map and return to Winterhold. Head to the Frozen Hearth Inn and give the broken Star to Nelacar. Let him inspect the artifact and discover that the only way to make it work again is to defeat Malyn Varen, who has placed his soul inside it. Nelacar will suggest temporarily moving your soul to the Star so that you can defeat Malyn on his territory. However, before agreeing to this, prepare yourself by increasing your resistance to fire and electricity and bringing potions or spells that can have a similar effect. You should also save your game and have powers, shouts, or spells that can summon creatures to help you. Your teammate won’t be able to assist you in the new area, so you must be careful. Destroy Malyn Varen’s soul to complete the objective. You will be transported inside the Azura’s Star, where you will need to catch and defeat Malyn Varen. Avoid quickly eliminating him, as it will be extremely difficult. You may face one or up to three Kynreeve Dremoras, which are challenging opponents with lots of hit points and powerful spells. Fight the Dremoras carefully, use your summons, and stick to one Dremora if you prefer close combat. The Unrelenting Force Shout can come in handy, knocking them down to the ground and making them easier targets.

If your character prefers long-range weapons, it’s best to lead out precise attacks while constantly strafing to avoid getting hit. For those who prefer magic, focus on using fire spells. Regardless of your chosen tactic, it’s important to retreat to the starting point after killing a Dremora to regenerate health, magic, and stamina. Once all the Dremoras are eliminated, head after Malyn Varen. Reaching the mage shouldn’t take much time. Begin the fight with the Unrelenting Force Shout or any other attack that will knock him out or temporarily paralyze him. Be prepared to heal yourself often, as the mage will attack with powerful lightning spells. Fortunately, he won’t summon any creatures to help him, so you can use your own for numerical superiority. Keep fighting until you deplete Malyn Varen’s health bar. Nelacar will speak to you, and then you will be transported back to the world of the living. Have your final conversation with Nelacar, and he will give you The Black Star, which allows you to enchant items using black souls.


1. What is the history behind the Black Star?

The Black Star has a rich history dating back to ancient times. It was believed to have been a sacred symbol of the goddess Nocturnal, the Daedric Prince of darkness and shadow. According to legend, the Black Star was created by Nocturnal to capture the souls of mortals who pledged their allegiance to her. The Star was then lost for centuries until it was rediscovered by a powerful mage named Nelacar.

2. How does the Black Star differ from other soul gems?

The Black Star is unique in that it has the ability to capture both white and black souls. Most soul gems can only hold one type of soul, either black or white, but the Black Star can hold both. This makes it a highly sought-after artifact among mages and sorcerers who seek to harness the power of souls for their own purposes.

3. What are the consequences of using the Black Star?

Using the Black Star can have serious consequences for those who seek to harness its power. Nocturnal is known to be a fickle and unpredictable deity, and those who anger her may find themselves cursed or worse. Additionally, using the Black Star to capture souls can have a corrupting influence on the user, leading them down a dangerous path of power and greed. It is important to use the Black Star with caution and respect for its ancient power.

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