Difficulty Levels in Plague Tale Requiem

Plague Tale Requiem has three basic difficulty levels. This guide explains the differences between them and how to make the game easier. The game poses a challenge with its deadly opponents, and you can learn how to switch between the difficulty levels and the additional options you can use to make gameplay easier.

  • Choosing a difficulty level
  • Other settings

Choosing a Difficulty Level

The first time you start a new game, you must select a difficulty level. You can change your selection later in the options menu, but you must resume from the last checkpoint. The three difficulty levels are:

  1. Narrative – This is the easiest level, reducing the challenge of confrontations and emphasizing exploration and the storyline.
  2. Normal – This is the default setting, offering balanced gameplay. Fights may pose a challenge, but they are not impossible to win.
  3. Hard – This difficulty level is for players seeking an extra challenge. Opponents are more dangerous, and Amicia has limited supplies. It is not recommended for the initial playthrough.

Note: Difficulty levels do not affect trophies; you can still get the platinum trophy on Narrative difficulty.

Other Settings

The options menu offers other settings that can help you during gameplay:

  1. Help Frequency – Determines how quickly you receive hints when solving puzzles. The default value is Normal; you can increase it or turn it off to solve puzzles on your own.
  2. Invincible Mode – Provides partial immortality, and you can learn more about it on the Cheats page.
  3. Automatic Quick Interactions – Enables skipping QTEs where you must press buttons quickly.
  4. Use Aim Assist – Makes it easier to aim accurately at enemies’ heads; the default setting is Normal. Disabling aim assist increases the risk of missing the target and death if an opponent is heading toward Amicia.


What are the different difficulty levels in Plague Tale Requiem?

Plague Tale Requiem, the sequel to the critically acclaimed game A Plague Tale: Innocence, has four different difficulty levels:

  • Story: This level is for players who want to experience the game’s story without any major challenge. Combat encounters are easier, and puzzles are simplified.
  • Casual: This level is for players who want a slightly more challenging experience. Combat encounters are still relatively easy, but puzzles are slightly more complex.
  • Normal: This level is the default setting and is recommended for most players. Combat encounters are challenging, and puzzles are complex enough to require some thought and experimentation.
  • Hard: This level is for players who want a serious challenge. Combat encounters are difficult, and puzzles are complex enough to require careful planning and execution.

How do I change the difficulty level in Plague Tale Requiem?

You can change the difficulty level in Plague Tale Requiem at any time by going to the options menu. From there, select “Gameplay,” and then choose the difficulty level that you want to play on.

What are the differences between the difficulty levels in Plague Tale Requiem?

The main differences between the difficulty levels in Plague Tale Requiem are the challenge of combat encounters and the complexity of puzzles. In the easier difficulty levels, combat encounters are less challenging, and puzzles are simplified. In the harder difficulty levels, combat encounters are more difficult, and puzzles require more thought and planning. Additionally, the availability of resources such as ammunition and crafting materials may differ between difficulty levels.

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