Boethiah’s Calling – p. 2

Traveling to Knifepoint Ridge

New aim: Kill everyone at Knifepoint Ridge using stealth

Note – Before doing anything, make sure to choose a new follower to replace the one you killed! Open the world map and locate Knifepoint Ridge (as shown in the above screen). It’s situated in the southern part of Skyrim and if you haven’t discovered it yet, it’s best to start from Falkreath or Rorikstead.

When you arrive at the bandit camp, you need to decide how to proceed. As mentioned earlier, there is no penalty for attacking the enemies head-on. If you don’t mind a direct approach, head towards the mine from the north-east (as shown in the above screen). Watch out for falling rocks and at least one archer in the tower on the left.

After arriving at the village, continue your mission to eliminate more Bandits. It’s important to note that you don’t need to wipe out the entire camp, since you only need to kill all the bandits located inside the mine. Beware of the Bandit Thug, who you’ll most likely encounter at the very end (as shown in the above screen), as he’s skilled in high-level magic.

If you plan to attack the enemies by surprise or sneak up on them, it’s best to approach the mine from the west. This means climbing up a mountainous area, and a horse would be helpful. Eventually, you’ll reach a spot where you can see the entire camp (as shown in the above screen).

Depending on your preference, you can either start attacking the enemies from a distance or become invisible, slide down, and enter the mine. It’s also advisable to do this at night, as some of the enemies may be asleep (as shown in the above screen), making it easier to sneak past or attack them by surprise.

Regardless of your chosen tactic, you need to reach the main entrance to the Knifepoint Mine (as shown in the above screen). Save your game, as you’ll soon face the former Champion of Boethiah.

Head south, taking care of a single bandit on your way. If you want to explore the mine thoroughly, it’s best to wait until after completing this quest. Turn east and prepare to fight a single Bandit Plunderer (as shown in the above screen).

Now you have to make a choice. The main cave where the other enemies are can be accessed in two ways: either by easily opening the eastern gate or by taking the northern corridor (as shown in the above screen).

You can attack the last group of Bandits. The most challenging enemy will be the Champion of Boethiah (as shown in the above screen). Since he’s an excellent warrior, it’s best to keep your distance during direct combat and block or avoid his attacks. You need to eliminate all the enemies marked with arrows.

New Primary Goal: Obtain and Equip the Ebony Mail

Once the battle concludes, Boethiah will congratulate you on your victory and instruct you to retrieve the Ebony Mail from the former Champion. Locate the bandit leader’s corpse (as shown in the screenshot above) and take the armor. This heavy armor is exceptional, allowing you to move silently and poison enemies nearby. While you’re there, it’s also recommended to collect all other Ebony items. Even if your character doesn’t use heavy armor, they are still valuable items. Finally, listen to Boethiah’s final words and complete the quest. Before leaving the mine, take a moment to explore and loot all chests and locked passages.


What is Boethiah’s Calling?

Boethiah’s Calling is a quest in the game Skyrim where the player is tasked with completing a series of tasks for the Daedric Prince Boethiah. The quest begins when the player finds a book called Boethiah’s Proving and reads it. The book will give the player the location of the shrine of Boethiah, where the quest officially begins. Once at the shrine, the player must offer a sacrifice to Boethiah, which will then trigger the start of the quest. The tasks that the player must complete involve killing various NPCs and obtaining a specific item. The final task is to defeat a champion of Boethiah in combat. The reward for completing the quest is the Ebony Mail, a powerful piece of armor that grants the player the ability to poison nearby enemies.

Is there a specific level requirement for Boethiah’s Calling?

There is no specific level requirement for Boethiah’s Calling, but it is recommended that the player is at least level 30 before attempting the quest. This is because the enemies that the player must defeat in order to complete the quest can be quite difficult, and the player will need to have a strong character build and equipment in order to succeed. Additionally, it is recommended that the player completes the quest with a follower, as this will make the combat encounters much easier. Overall, while there is no set level requirement, it is important for the player to be adequately prepared before attempting Boethiah’s Calling.

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