Treasure Maps (VI-VII) | Side quests

Our guide to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim provides a detailed explanation of the sixth and seventh treasure maps. You will learn how to read the maps and where they lead. These maps are not actual side quests, but optional activities that allow you to access hidden chests filled with valuable loot.

  • Treasure map VI
  • Treasure map VII

Treasure map VI

To find the next map, you must travel to the center of Skyrim. At the top of the hill near Volunruud crypt, you will find the body of a wood elf that has the drawing. The woman is located northwest of the catacombs, as shown in the screenshot below.

The map indicates that the treasure is located in Korvanjund, northeast of Whiterun. Get there, eliminate all the bandits obstructing your path, and collect the treasure from the chest by the tree (as seen in the screen below).

Treasure map VII

East of Windhelm, just behind the farms, you will find the destroyed Traitor’s Post. Slay all the bandits inside and retrieve the treasure map from one of the chests.

Go to Gallows Rock, which is southwest of Windhelm, to find the hidden treasure. Defeat the lurking bandits and take the valuables from the chest beneath the rock with the gallows.


1. What are treasure maps in VI-VII?

Treasure maps in VI-VII are a type of side quest that leads players to hidden treasure. These maps can be found in various locations throughout the game world, such as in chests or on defeated enemies. Once a treasure map is obtained, players must decipher the clues and navigate to the location indicated on the map. Successfully finding the treasure will reward the player with valuable loot, such as rare weapons or armor.

2. How many treasure maps are in VI-VII?

There are a total of 20 treasure maps in VI-VII. These maps are scattered throughout the game world, with some being easier to find than others. Each map leads to a unique treasure location, so players will need to collect all 20 maps in order to obtain all the valuable loot available through this side quest.

3. Are treasure maps required to complete the game?

No, treasure maps are not required to complete the main story of VI-VII. They are entirely optional side quests that offer additional challenges and rewards for players who choose to take them on. However, completing all 20 treasure maps can provide significant benefits to players, such as rare items and increased wealth.

4. What are some tips for finding and completing treasure maps?

One tip for finding treasure maps in VI-VII is to thoroughly explore each area of the game world. Maps can be found in chests, on defeated enemies, and even hidden in plain sight. Once a map is obtained, players should carefully read the clues and use their knowledge of the game world to navigate to the correct location. It can also be helpful to bring a party of strong characters and well-equipped gear, as some treasure locations may be guarded by powerful enemies. Finally, players should be sure to save their game before attempting to find treasure, as failure to locate the treasure could result in wasted time and resources.

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