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This section of our The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim guide provides a comprehensive explanation of the side quest named Repairing the Phial. The quest is given by Quintus Navale from Windhelm, who requires three extremely rare alchemical components. Our guide will walk you through the process of obtaining all the necessary items.

  • Activating the quest
  • New main objective: Speak to Quintus Navale
  • New main objective: Retrieve the Unmelting Snow
  • New main objective: Find some Mammoth Tusk Powder
  • New main objective: Take a Forsworn Heart
  • New main objective: Return to Quintus Navale

Activating the quest

After completing The White Phial and The Throat of the World (main story), wait for three days. You will receive a letter from Quintus Navale, an alchemy apprentice in Windhelm, via courier. In the letter, he explains that he has discovered a way to repair the White Phial, and requests your assistance in obtaining the necessary ingredients. Head to Windhelm to assist him.

New main objective: Speak to Quintus Navale

Speak to the young alchemist in The White Phial shop in Windhelm. He informs you that the phial can be repaired, but he requires three rare ingredients. You must now retrieve these ingredients.

The first ingredient is the Unmelting Snow, which can only be found at the Throat of the World. The second ingredient is Mammoth Tusk Powder, which can only be obtained from Giants. The third and final ingredient is a Forsworn Heart, which must be extracted from a Forsworn.

New main objective: Retrieve the Unmelting Snow

Obtaining Unmelting Snow is simple. Use fast travel to reach the Throat of the World, which you have already visited during the main quests. Proceed to the top of the mountain and collect some snow from the snow-drift. This is the first ingredient.

New main objective: Find some Mammoth Tusk Powder

To obtain Mammoth Tusk Powder, you must steal it from a Giants camp. Head to Stonehill Bluff, located north of Whiterun. You can reach the camp by either taking the western canyon (which will lead to a confrontation) or climbing the mountains. The southern slope is not too steep, so you can climb it and sneak into the camp (as shown below). If you remain quiet, you may go unnoticed and avoid any unnecessary trouble.

The Mammoth Tusk Powder can be found in a bowl located in the middle of a camp near a large campfire. Take what you need and quickly leave the area. Fighting multiple Giants is not a good idea, especially since they can easily surround you.

New main objective: Obtain a Forsworn Heart

If you haven’t obtained a Forsworn Heart yet, you will need to go out and get one now. The map marker suggests that you can find one at Red Eagle Redoubt (shown in the screenshot below), but it’s a very inconvenient and dangerous path. The underground part of the Redoubt is filled with Forsworn, so traversing the caves will take a lot of time and effort. However, you don’t have to go through the caves at all. The Forsworn leader can be found at the Sundered Towers during the day, which is accessible from the Redoubt caves. If you don’t want to waste time fighting through the enemies, you can ignore them and head straight to their leader.

No matter which path you choose, start at Rorikstead or any nearby location. Head northwest and you’ll soon reach Red Eagle Redoubt. You can enter the dungeon if you want, but it’s better to climb the slope and follow the stairs to the Sundered Towers (shown in the screenshot below).

Once you reach your destination, be ready to fight a large group of Forsworn, including one who can use magic. They are not very resilient enemies – their armor is weak enough to not withstand even a few weak hits, let alone magic. Therefore, you should be able to easily defeat them and leave only dead bodies behind. Eventually, you’ll reach a stone hill above the camp, where you’ll find the Forsworn Briarheart (shown in the screenshot below). Defeat him however you like and take the item you came for.

Now that you have all three items required to repair the phial, you can return to Quintus Navale in Windhelm.

New main objective: Return to Quintus Navale

Open the world map and fast travel to Windhelm. Then, enter The White Phial and inform Quintus that you were able to complete the mission. The young man will take the ingredients from you to repair the ancient artifact. After he completes the ritual, he will run to his master, Nurellion.

Follow Quintus upstairs and you will see him showing the elderly elf the item that he has dreamed about his whole life. Unfortunately, he won’t have much time to enjoy it, as he will soon die. Quintus will take over the business and give you the White Phial. Before leaving the shop, you can ask the alchemist to enchant the Phial so that it fills up with a chosen substance. The Phial will fill itself once every day.


1. What is “Repairing the Phial” quest?

“Repairing the Phial” is a side quest in the game “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”. The quest is given to the player by the alchemist, Quintus Navale, who works in the White Phial shop in Windhelm. The objective of the quest is to repair the White Phial, a powerful and ancient relic that has the ability to increase the effectiveness of potions. The player must locate and gather three unique ingredients for the phial, and then bring them to Quintus Navale to complete the quest.

2. Where can I find the three ingredients for the Phial?

The three ingredients required to repair the White Phial are scattered throughout Skyrim. The first ingredient, mammoth tusk powder, can be obtained by grinding mammoth tusks at a grindstone. The second ingredient, briar heart, can be found by defeating Forsworn Briarhearts, who have the briar heart as their source of power. The third ingredient, snow elf ear, can be obtained by looting the corpses of Falmer and their kin. These ingredients are scattered throughout the game, so the player must search for them in various locations in Skyrim.

3. What are the benefits of repairing the Phial?

Once the player has repaired the White Phial, it becomes a powerful tool for alchemy. The phial can be used once a day to increase the effectiveness of any potion by 50%. This makes it an incredibly useful tool for players who rely heavily on alchemy as part of their gameplay strategy. Additionally, repairing the Phial is a great way to gain experience points in the Alchemy skill, as the quest itself requires the manipulation of various alchemical ingredients.

4. Can I obtain the White Phial without completing the quest?

No, the White Phial can only be obtained by completing the “Repairing the Phial” quest. The quest is relatively straightforward and can be completed relatively quickly if the player knows where to find the ingredients. Once the quest is completed, the White Phial is given to the player as a reward, and it becomes a permanent item in the player’s inventory. It cannot be obtained through any other means, so completing the quest is the only way to acquire the White Phial.

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