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This page of our TES V Skyrim guide provides a detailed walkthrough of the second part of the No-one Escapes Cidhna Mine side quest. We have outlined one possible way to complete the task by supporting either the Nords or the Forsworn.

  • New main objective (Forsworn): Return to Madanach
  • New main objective (Forsworn): Kill Grisvar the Unlucky
  • New main objective (Forsworn): Return to Madanach
  • New main objective (Forsworn): Follow Madanach
  • New main objective (Nords): Kill Madanach
  • New main objective (Nords): Search Madanach’s body
  • New main objective (Nords): Read Madanach’s note
  • New main objective (Nords): Escape Cidhna Mine

New main objective (Forsworn): Return to Madanach

Report to the King in Rags and learn that the rebel has a plan to escape the prison. He has been imprisoned for too long, while his comrades suffer outside. Prove your loyalty to him, and he will allow you to leave with him.

To gain Madanach’s trust, you must kill Grisvar the Unlucky. Although he is innocent, he will serve as proof of your loyalty. In the end, Madanach will give you a Shiv, which you can use on either Grisvar or him. You can still choose to back out of supporting the rebels by killing Madanach.

New main objective (Forsworn): Kill Grisvar the Unlucky

You can dispose of Grisvar in two ways. If you inform him that Madanach sends his regards, the desperate miner will attack you and try to flee. You can catch him and kill him. Alternatively, you can sneak up behind him and kill him without a word.

After killing Grisvar, return to Madanach. He will acknowledge your loyalty, and you can join the Forsworn rebel in the mine.

New main objective (Forsworn): Return to Madanach

New main objective (Forsworn): Follow Madanach

Return to the King in Rags, and he will be pleased that you have completed the mission. He will instruct you to follow him. Inside the cave in the middle of the mine, all the prisoners, curious about what you did to Grisvar, have gathered. Undeterred, Madanach will reveal that he has discovered a tunnel in his cell, which leads to Dwarven ruins and eventually to Markarth. The prisoners will arm themselves and follow their leader into the Dwemer catacombs. You must join them.

Follow the prisoners, and you will have to confront a couple of Frostbite Spiders and Dwarven Spheres. However, you need not worry, as you will have the numerical advantage and Madanach’s spells to defeat them. When you reach the gates of Markarth, a woman will return your equipment and provide a Forsworn armor. All that remains is to leave the ruins and fight the Nords waiting outside.

The decisive battle is starting. The Forsworn who ran away from the Cidhna Mine will show no mercy towards the Nords in Markarth. During the massacre that will spread through the streets, all the city guards and Thonar Silver-Blood will be killed. After the chaos, the refugees will flee the city and settle in Druadach Redoubt. It’s the only place in Skyrim where the Forsworn will welcome you with open arms.

New main objective (Nords): Eliminate Madanach

If you choose to attack the King in Rags, you will be supporting the Nords. Fighting the elderly man is not easy, as he can use a couple of nasty spells (if you’re not playing as a mage, it’s a difficult position to be in). To make matters easier, equip yourself with a weapon – either two pickaxes or the Shiv (you can talk to Grisvar to obtain a Shiv). The fight will be much simpler if you have a weapon.

Don’t let Madanach escape his cell and alert the other prisoners – otherwise, they will support him and attack you. If you can silently defeat him, search his body and take everything you find next to him.

New main objective (Nords): Search Madanach’s corpse

New main objective (Nords): Read Madanach’s message

After you kill the King in Rags, you have no choice but to escape from the prison, as the other prisoners are actually Forsworn, who will not be happy about the death of their leader. Therefore, you should quickly search Madanach’s body and take his Key and Note.

From the note left by Madanach, you will learn that he was planning to escape from the prison, and the key you found leads to an ancient tunnel that goes straight to Markarth. All that is left is to leave the unfriendly caves.

New main objective (Nords): Escape Cidhna Mine

Be very careful when you reach the dwarven structure. You will have to face a couple of Frostbite Spiders, with your only weapons being pickaxes or the Shiv. If you want to avoid fighting them, you can try to sneak past them quietly.

A much greater challenge awaits you in the further part of the ruins. The large room is guarded by Dwemer Spheres, or even a Centurion if you’re playing a high-level character! You should not try to fight them – they are very powerful, and you do not have the proper equipment. Therefore, it is best to sneak past them quietly, avoiding detection (as in the screen above).

After dealing with all the difficulties, you can return to daylight. There, between the towers of Markarth, you will be greeted by Thonar himself – the same person who threw you into jail. Interestingly, this time he won’t try to kill you or throw you back into prison, but instead congratulate you on killing Madanach and tell you that he grants you a pardon. You will regain all of your equipment and additionally receive the Silver-Blood Family Ring, which greatly amplifies your Blacksmithing. At this point, the mission ends – you are free.


1. What is the No-one Escapes Cidhna Mine quest in Skyrim?

The No-one Escapes Cidhna Mine is a side quest in the Skyrim game. The quest is given to the player after they have completed The Forsworn Conspiracy quest. In the quest, the player is sent to Cidhna Mine, a prison in Markarth, to find out what happened to a missing prisoner. However, things take a turn for the worse when the player is falsely accused of a crime and sent to the mine themselves. The player must navigate the mine, fight off enemies, and complete tasks to escape.

2. How do I start the No-one Escapes Cidhna Mine quest?

To start the No-one Escapes Cidhna Mine quest, the player must first complete The Forsworn Conspiracy quest. The Forsworn Conspiracy quest can be started by talking to Eltrys in Markarth’s Shrine of Talos. Once the player has completed The Forsworn Conspiracy quest, they will be sent to Cidhna Mine to investigate the disappearance of a prisoner. The No-one Escapes Cidhna Mine quest will begin once the player arrives at the mine.

3. What are the rewards for completing the No-one Escapes Cidhna Mine quest?

Completing the No-one Escapes Cidhna Mine quest in Skyrim comes with several rewards. Firstly, the player will receive a leveled amount of gold as a reward for completing the quest. Additionally, the player will be granted a permanent bonus to their unarmed attacks. The player will also be able to keep any items they find within the mine, including weapons, armor, and other valuable items.

4. Can I fail the No-one Escapes Cidhna Mine quest?

Yes, it is possible to fail the No-one Escapes Cidhna Mine quest in Skyrim. The quest can be failed if the player dies while attempting to escape the mine or if they choose to kill Madanach, the leader of the Forsworn rebellion. If the player fails the quest, they will not receive the rewards for completing it, and they will have to start over from the beginning if they wish to try again.

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