A False Front | Stormcloak Rebellion Quests

New Main Objective: Locate the Imperial Courier

Note! This objective is part of the Liberation of Skyrim main Stormcloak Rebellion Quest and must be completed to advance to the next stage.

Galmar suggests that the courier can be found in one of two inns. The first is the Four Shields Tavern (shown above) in Dragon Bridge. If you haven’t been there before, start your journey from Solitude and take the westbound hard-surfaced path.

The second is the Frostfruit Inn (shown above) in Rorikstead, located in the central part of the map. If you haven’t been there before, it may be a bit challenging to get there since it’s not near any major city.

The choice of inn doesn’t matter since the storyline is the same for both. Speak to the innkeeper (Faida in the Four Shields Tavern and Mralka in the Frostfruit Inn) and inquire about the Imperial Courier (shown above).

The innkeeper will refuse to share any information about their clients, leaving you with a few options. The best one is to use a high Speech skill to persuade the innkeeper to reveal what you want to know (shown above), or intimidate them. If you fail, you can also bribe them or wait for the courier to arrive at the inn.

New Main Objective: Retrieve the Imperial Courier’s package

If you managed to persuade one of the innkeepers to divulge information about the courier, his current location will be marked on your map. It’s likely that he’s on his way between the two inns, and if so, you can intercept him there. When you find the courier (shown above), you can talk to him or attack him. The main advantage of the latter is that you won’t be detected or attacked by any third party. After the fight, loot the courier’s body and take the Imperial Documents.

If you failed to get any information from the innkeepers, or you want to avoid confrontation, you can stay at the inn, wait for the Imperial Courier to arrive (shown above) and ambush him.

When he arrives, wait for him to go to bed (shown above). This way, you can easily rob or kill him in his sleep, leaving him with no chance to retaliate. If you choose to kill him, make sure nobody else notices your actions. Check your Inventory to see if the Imperial Documents have been added.

New Main Objective: Deliver the documents to Galmar Stone-Fist

Open the world map and head back to Galmar at the Hjaalmarch Stormcloak Camp. Give him the courier’s documents (shown above). He will edit them and send you to an Imperial Commander in Morthal with the forged documents.

New Goal: Deliver the forged papers to Legate Taurinus Duilis

To complete this mission, head over to Morthal, situated east of the Stormcloaks camp. You can either use a wagon or explore the world map. Depending on the time of day, Legate Taurinus Duilis could be inside a building or strolling through the city (refer to the screenshot above). Initiate a conversation with him, during which you’ll automatically hand over the documents. With this task accomplished, you may proceed to the Liberation of Skyrim and focus on the main objective of Liberating Hjaalmarch.


1. What is A False Front quest in the Stormcloak Rebellion storyline?

A False Front is a quest in the Stormcloak Rebellion storyline of the video game Skyrim. In this quest, the Dragonborn is tasked with finding and stealing the Imperial orders from the enemy camp. The orders contain valuable information about the Imperial army’s plans, and the Stormcloaks hope to gain an advantage in the ongoing civil war. The player must infiltrate the enemy camp, avoid detection, and locate the orders. The quest can be completed in various ways, including sneaking past guards, pickpocketing the orders, or engaging in combat. Once the orders are obtained, the player must return to the Stormcloak camp and deliver them to the quest giver.

2. What are some tips for completing A False Front quest?

Some tips for completing A False Front quest include bringing a follower or summoning a creature to help distract guards, using invisibility spells or potions to avoid detection, and investing in the Pickpocket skill tree to increase the chance of successfully stealing the orders. It may also be helpful to scout the enemy camp beforehand and plan a route for infiltration. Additionally, completing the quest at night can make it easier to avoid detection. It is important to note that killing the quest target, Legate Rikke, may result in the loss of potential future quests and rewards. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid combat or use non-lethal methods of obtaining the orders.

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