Battle for Solitude | Stormcloak Rebellion Quests

New Main Objective: Receive orders from Ulfric Stormcloak

Important information! This mission is given during the main Stormcloak Rebellion quest, Liberation of Skyrim, and must be completed to proceed to the next part.

Check the world map to notice that Solitude is temporarily unavailable. However, you can still utilize Fast Travel to reach a nearby location, such as Katla’s Farm or East Empire Company Warehouse. If you prefer not to use Fast Travel, then head east on the hard-surfaced path.

Once you reach the location, proceed up the main road towards Solitude’s main gate. Ulfric Stormcloak will be speaking to his soldiers, so wait until he finishes his speech (as shown in the above screen) before approaching the gate to begin the attack on the city. Remember to save your game before doing so.

New Main Objective: Make General Tullius surrender

Map labels: red lines indicate available routes; 1 – starting point; 2 – Castle Dour entrance; X – barricades to break through.

Before we begin the battle, let’s discuss what to expect. This battle is similar to the Battle for Whiterun at the start of the Stormcloaks campaign. Your objective is to reach Castle Dour, the Imperial Legion’s stronghold, but you cannot take a direct route due to a portcullis blocking the way. You do not need to defeat every Imperial soldier, as both sides will replenish their ranks regularly. Focus on those who pose a direct threat or obstruct your path. Be cautious with area-effect attacks and ensure that you recognize the opposing factions in the chaos of battle.

The battle commences once you enter the city (as shown in the above screen). If your character prefers close combat, engage the Imperial Legion soldiers immediately. For ranged combat, move away from the gate quickly and find a strategic location for efficient attacks.

Head east. You can stay near Ulfric or Galmar, or fight on your own. Ignore the route leading to the upper level, as a portcullis blocks the path to Castle Dour. Instead, approach the barricade ahead (as shown in the above screen). Choose whether to break through it yourself or wait for your allies to do so, depending on your playstyle.

After passing the barricade, continue along the main road or climb the rocks to the left (as shown in the above screen) for a shortcut. Imperial soldiers will frequently emerge from nearby buildings in both cases.

The guide involves a strategy for the Stormcloak Rebellion Quests in Skyrim. After reaching the main streets of Solitude, turn northwest and head towards the second barricade leading to Castle Dour. Once you arrive, you can choose how to deal with the new legionnaires waiting in the castle courtyard. You can either take care of them or run to the north door leading inside Castle Dour. Before going inside, make sure to save the game as you will soon meet the leader of the Imperial Legion.

Upon entering the war room, stop before Legate Rikke and General Tullius and wait for their conversation to end before attacking. Once the fight starts, it is suggested to attack General Tullius first as he is a weak opponent. After defeating him, focus on Legate Rikke, who is a highly trained warrior.

Once the fight is over, listen to the conversation and decide whether to let Ulfric Stormcloak perform the execution or to do it yourself. It is recommended to execute General Tullius yourself as you will receive Ulfric’s prized Sword. For a summary of the Stormcloak Rebellion Quests, refer to the description of the Liberation of Skyrim quest.


1. What is the Battle for Solitude quest in the Stormcloak Rebellion storyline?

The Battle for Solitude is the final quest in the Stormcloak Rebellion storyline in the video game Skyrim. The quest involves the player character, who has joined the Stormcloak Rebellion, leading an assault on the city of Solitude, which is held by the Imperial Army. The objective of the quest is to defeat the Imperials and capture the city.

2. What are the prerequisites for starting the Battle for Solitude quest?

Before starting the Battle for Solitude quest, the player must complete a series of quests in the Stormcloak Rebellion storyline. These quests include “Joining the Stormcloaks,” “The Jagged Crown,” “Message to Whiterun,” “Battle for Whiterun,” “Rescue from Fort Neugrad,” “Compelling Tribute,” “The Battle for Fort Greenwall,” “The Battle for Fort Sungard,” and “A False Front.”

3. What are the rewards for completing the Battle for Solitude quest?

Completing the Battle for Solitude quest rewards the player with a significant amount of gold and the title of “Stormblade,” which is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a member of the Stormcloak Rebellion. Additionally, completing the quest allows the player to freely enter and exit the city of Solitude without being attacked by Imperial soldiers.

4. Can the Battle for Solitude quest be completed if the player character has joined the Imperial Army?

No, the Battle for Solitude quest is exclusive to the Stormcloak Rebellion storyline. If the player character has joined the Imperial Army, they will instead participate in the “Battle for Windhelm” quest, which is the final quest in the Imperial Army storyline.

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