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This page of the TES V: Skyrim World Atlas explains the Theft skills, which are associated with the thief and persuasion master archetypes. Our tutorial not only describes these skills, but also provides guidance on how to develop them and which related best features are worth unlocking.

Increasing the skill: Successfully stealing items from other people is how this skill can be increased. The skill growth depends on the value of the stolen items.

Primary purpose of developing this skill: Lowering the risk of getting caught while stealing.

Available perks: 12.

Best perks: Light Fingers, Extra Pockets, Perfect Touch.


  1. Combining pickpocketing with sneaking is a great strategy; investing skill points in both categories simultaneously can increase your chances of success. Stealing at night or from sleeping characters (using a perk from this skill tree) can also improve your chances.
  2. It’s crucial to save your game before attempting to steal, as getting caught can lead to a difficult conversation with a guard or even an attack by the person being robbed. It’s also harder to steal bigger and more valuable items.
  3. On occasion, planting an object on a target (such as poison) may be necessary. The same rules apply: stay hidden and be prepared for failure.



This perk has five ranks, with each rank providing a greater bonus.

Requirements (rank 1): None.

Requirements (rank 2): Pickpocket skill increased to at least 20 points.

Requirements (rank 3): Pickpocket skill increased to at least 40 points.

Requirements (rank 4): Pickpocket skill increased to at least 60 points.

Requirements (rank 5): Pickpocket skill increased to at least 80 points.

Description (rank 1): 20% bonus to pickpocketing.

Description (rank 2): 40% total bonus to pickpocketing.

Description (rank 3): 60% total bonus to pickpocketing.

Description (rank 4): 80% total bonus to pickpocketing.

Description (rank 5): 100% total bonus to pickpocketing.

Comments: Unlocking each perk in this group as soon as possible will decrease the likelihood of getting caught. However, success is always influenced by the weight and value of the items being stolen, such as weapons, armor, and large objects.


Requirements: Pickpocket skill increased to at least 30 points. Light Fingers perk (rank 1) unlocked.

Description: 25% more likely to succeed at stealing if the target is asleep.

Review: The Pickpocket skill tree offers some interesting perks that cater to different playstyles. One of the key perks is Night Thief, which not only unlocks access to other perks but also has its own benefits. It’s recommended to steal from people while they sleep, but beware of those who never leave their posts.


To unlock this perk, you need to increase your Pickpocket skill to at least 40 points and have the Night Thief perk. Poisoned allows you to place poisons in someone’s pocket to weaken them. It’s only useful for assassins who want to kill their targets without raising suspicion. It’s better to focus on surprise attacks rather than using poisons, which require additional materials.


You can unlock this perk by increasing your Pickpocket skill to 50 points and having the Night Thief perk. Extra Pockets increases your carry limit by 100 units. This perk is useful for all types of characters, especially warriors in heavy armor. However, you’ll need to spend at least three skill points to unlock it.


This perk requires a Pickpocket skill of at least 40 points and the Night Thief perk. Cutpurse makes it 50% easier to steal gold but isn’t worth the skill points as most civilians don’t carry a lot of gold.


To unlock this perk, you need a Pickpocket skill of at least 60 points and the Cutpurse perk. Keymaster allows you to steal keys without getting caught, but it’s only useful if you don’t plan on developing your Lockpicking skill.


You can unlock this perk by having a Pickpocket skill of at least 70 points and the Cutpurse perk. Misdirection allows you to steal equipped weapons from people. It’s a useful perk to obtain powerful weapons without killing anyone.


To unlock this perk, you need a Pickpocket skill of 100 points and the Misdirection perk. Perfect Touch allows you to steal items equipped by people, including valuable armor parts and magical rings and amulets. It’s a useful perk for obtaining valuable items without killing anyone.


What is pickpocketing?

Pickpocketing is a form of theft that involves stealing someone’s wallet, phone, or other valuable items from their pockets, purse, or bag without them noticing. It requires skill and practice to be able to do it successfully without getting caught. Pickpockets usually work in crowded areas such as train stations, markets, and tourist attractions where people are distracted and less likely to notice them.

What skills do pickpockets need?

Pickpockets need to have a keen eye for detail and be able to observe their targets without drawing attention to themselves. They also need to have quick reflexes and be able to move smoothly and swiftly to avoid detection. Other skills include the ability to read body language and anticipate movements, the ability to distract and divert attention, and the ability to blend in with the crowd and avoid suspicion. Many pickpockets also work in teams, with one person distracting the victim while the other steals their belongings.

Is pickpocketing illegal?

Yes, pickpocketing is illegal and considered a criminal offense in most countries. Depending on the severity of the crime and the value of the stolen items, pickpockets can face fines, imprisonment, or both. In some countries, pickpocketing is punishable by amputation or even death. It is important to be aware of pickpocketing and take measures to protect yourself, such as keeping your valuables in a secure place and being vigilant in crowded areas.

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