Is Plague Tale Requiem Scary?

Plague Tale Requiem is a game that deals with heavy themes and contains violent scenes. This guide aims to clarify if there are any scary moments or inappropriate content (NSFW) in the game.

Our guide will provide answers to questions about the presence of scary scenes and inappropriate content in Plague Tale Requiem. This may be an important topic for those who are not fans of horror games and violent content intended exclusively for adult gamers.

  • Horror Scenes – Is the Game Scary?
  • Inappropriate Content – Is it in the Game?

Horror Scenes – Is the Game Scary?

Plague Tale: Requiem does not contain scenes typical of the horror genre, i.e. scenes designed to scare the player. However, the sudden appearance of rats may come as a surprise – this happens frequently throughout the game. In some cases, the only option is to run away, and this can cause some stress because failure leads to violent death scenes for Amicia or other characters.

Inappropriate Content – Is it in the Game?

Plague Tale: Requiem is a game meant for adults. It deals with serious themes, and some scenes may be traumatic for certain players. These scenes include:

  1. corpses devoured by rats or dumped in landfills;
  2. tortured or imprisoned civilians;
  3. locations that can cause disgust, such as large rat nests;
  4. physical and psychological violence toward Amicia, Hugo, and other main characters;
  5. brutal death scenes of important characters.

The game does not contain sex scenes, innuendos, or any other type of such content.


1. Are there jump scares in Plague Tale Requiem?

Yes, there are some jump scares in the game. While it is primarily a story-driven game, there are moments where rats will suddenly jump out at you or enemies will appear unexpectedly. These moments can be quite intense and may catch you off guard.

2. Is Plague Tale Requiem a horror game?

While Plague Tale Requiem does have elements of horror, it is not a traditional horror game. The game is primarily a narrative-driven adventure game with elements of stealth and puzzle-solving. The horror elements come from the setting and the use of rats as a central mechanic in the game.

3. Are there any particularly scary moments in the game?

There are a few moments in Plague Tale Requiem that can be quite scary, particularly if you have a fear of rats or enclosed spaces. One scene in particular involves crawling through a tight space with rats crawling all over you, which can be quite unsettling.

4. Can the scary moments be skipped or avoided?

While some of the scary moments in the game are scripted and cannot be avoided, many of them can be skipped or avoided through careful planning and strategy. For example, if you are able to sneak past enemies or use distractions effectively, you may be able to avoid some of the more intense moments in the game.

5. Is Plague Tale Requiem suitable for players who don’t like horror games?

While Plague Tale Requiem does have horror elements, it is primarily a narrative-driven adventure game with puzzle-solving and stealth mechanics. If you are someone who doesn’t like horror games, you may still enjoy the game for its story and gameplay mechanics. However, if you have a severe fear of rats or enclosed spaces, you may want to approach the game with caution.

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