New World: How to Gather Wood by Logging

Logging trees in New World is important for gathering wood used in crafting various items. This guide will teach you how to level up your Logging skill quickly and fell trees faster.

Logging is a profession in New World that involves cutting down trees and collecting wood, which is a key material for crafting. This guide will provide you with information about the required tools for logging, the different types of trees available, and how to level up your Logging skill faster. You will also learn about the attribute that provides bonuses for this skill, such as making the process faster.

  • Required Logging Tools
  • Different Types of Trees
  • Quick Leveling up of Logging
  • Attribute Bonuses for Logging

Required Logging Tools

There are 5 types of logging axes in New World, all of which are crafted using Engineering. The quality of the axe determines the speed at which trees are cut down. Additionally, better axes offer more perk slots, which translate into additional bonuses.



Gather speed


Flint Logging Axe



Iron Logging Axe



Steel Logging Axe



Starmetal Logging Axe



Orichalcum Logging Axe


Different Types of Trees

Trees in New World are divided into four categories. The type of tree determines the required Logging skill level needed to cut it down. Most trees provide ordinary wood, but higher quality materials can be obtained from wyrdwood and ironwood.

Tree Type

Required Skill Level

Acquired Raw Materials

Tree Locations

Young Trees



All Territories

Mature Trees



All Territories









Quick Leveling up of Logging

To level up your Logging skill in New World, you must cut down trees that correspond to your skill level. At levels 0-50, you can only cut down young trees. Once you reach level 50, you can move on to cutting mature trees. When you reach level 100, you can start cutting wyrdwood trees found in Brightwood. Finally, at level 175, you can cut down the highest quality trees – ironwood – which can be found in Edengrove.

Boosting Logging through Constitution

Aside from purchasing new logging axes, your Logging skill can be enhanced by leveling up your Constitution. As you reach certain Constitution levels, you’ll earn bonuses that will improve your Logging.

  1. 50 Constitution: 10% faster tree-cutting speed
  2. 150 Constitution: 10% reduction in the weight of harvested wood
  3. 200 Constitution: 10% faster tree-cutting speed
  4. 250 Constitution: 10% increase in raw materials acquired from cutting wood
  5. 300 Constitution: 25% chance to fell a tree with a single strike


1. What is logging in New World?

Logging is one of the gathering professions in New World, which involves cutting down trees and gathering wood. It is an essential skill for crafting various items like furniture, weapons, and tools. Players can use different types of axes to chop down trees, and the type of axe used determines the quality and quantity of the wood gathered. Logging is also an excellent way to earn gold by selling the wood in the trading post.

2. How can I improve my logging skill in New World?

To improve your logging skill in New World, you need to keep cutting down trees and gathering wood. The more you do it, the more experience you gain and the higher your skill level will become. You can also use food and gear that provide bonuses to logging, which will help you gather more wood and level up faster. Additionally, there are logging nodes scattered throughout the game world that you can harvest for additional experience and resources.

3. Are there any dangers or challenges associated with logging in New World?

Yes, there are some dangers and challenges associated with logging in New World. Firstly, you need to be careful not to cut down trees near hostile creatures, as they may attack you while you are gathering wood. Secondly, there is a chance for the tree to fall in an unexpected direction, which can damage nearby players or structures. Lastly, some areas may have limited resources or be heavily contested by other players, making it harder to gather the resources you need. However, with proper preparation and caution, these challenges can be overcome, and logging can be a profitable and enjoyable profession in New World.

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