Specializations in Dragon Age Inquisition

A trainer who can teach a specialization

In Dragon Age Inquisition, just like in previous games of the series, your character can specialize in a specific area to increase their combat abilities, such as strength or constitution. However, specializations may not be available at the beginning of the game and can only be unlocked as you progress. You need to wait until a marker appears on the map at the war room to play a quest for inviting trainers. After completing the quest, trainers will appear at Skyhold, where you can learn more about specializations (for more information, refer to other guides for Dragon Age: Inquisition).

You need to complete tasks given by the trainers to unlock specializations

Identifying the trainers is not enough, as they will only share their knowledge after you have completed their tasks. You need to meet the specific trainer, learn about the details of their task, and complete it before they will teach you a specialization.

Remember that it is recommended to complete all of the challenges given by the trainers before deciding which specialization you want to master.


1. What are the different specializations available in Dragon Age Inquisition?

There are three unique specializations available to players in Dragon Age Inquisition: the Templar, the Reaver, and the Necromancer. The Templar is a holy warrior who uses their faith to weaken demons and mages, while the Reaver is a brutal warrior who harnesses the power of dragon blood to deal devastating damage. Lastly, the Necromancer is a dark mage who summons undead minions to fight for them and drain the life force of their enemies.

2. How do I unlock a specialization in Dragon Age Inquisition?

To unlock a specialization in Dragon Age Inquisition, you must first reach level 10 and complete the quest “Specializations for the Inquisitor”. This quest will unlock the War Table operation “Specializations for the Inquisitor”, which will allow you to choose your desired specialization and complete a short quest to unlock it.

3. Can I switch between specializations in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Yes, you can switch between specializations at any time by visiting the Skyhold Undercroft and using the “Specialization Change” table. However, you will need to complete the quest associated with the new specialization before you can use its abilities.

4. What are the benefits of specializing in a certain skill tree?

Specializing in a certain skill tree will unlock new abilities and passives that are unique to that specialization. For example, the Templar specialization allows you to use the “Spell Purge” ability to dispel magic and weaken demons, while the Reaver specialization allows you to use the “Dragon-Rage” ability to deal massive damage at the cost of your own health.

5. Can I use abilities from multiple specializations in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Yes, you can mix and match abilities from different specializations as long as you have unlocked them. However, some abilities may require a certain level of skill in a specific skill tree to use. Additionally, some abilities may not synergize well with others, so it’s important to experiment and find a build that works for your playstyle.

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