The Importance of Warriors in Combat in Dragon Age Inquisition

Cassandra is a warrior who joins your party from the start of the game.

Warriors are essential during battles in Dragon Age: Inquisition as they provide significant assistance to your party. It is recommended to have at least one warrior in your party, regardless of your playing style. If your character is a warrior, you can even have two warriors in your party. Fortunately, Cassandra, a warrior, is already a part of your party from the beginning of the game. Later in the game, you have the option to recruit other warriors such as Blackwall or the Iron Bull.

Warriors can be used to draw enemies away from your party’s archers and mages.

As mentioned in the Character Creation chapter, warriors can specialize in two areas: Weapon and Shield or Two-handed Weapons. The specialization you choose determines your approach to combat. Warriors with shields are better protected and can withstand strong enemy attacks for a longer period. They can also use their shields offensively, such as performing powerful shield bashes. Warriors with two-handed weapons are more focused on offense, so it’s worth investing points into abilities that allow them to deal more damage. These warriors may also wear heavy armor, but it can limit their mobility.

Regardless of their specialization, the role of warriors in your team is twofold:

  • Attacking and distracting the strongest opponents who deal the most damage and have the longest health bars.
  • Protecting allies who are vulnerable to enemy attacks, such as mages and ranged rogues. Whenever you see them being attacked, try to help them or use appropriate abilities (such as taunts) to draw enemies’ attention towards your warriors.


1. What are the different classes of warriors in Dragon Age Inquisition?

In Dragon Age Inquisition, there are three classes of warriors – the two-handed warrior, the sword and shield warrior, and the dual-wield warrior. The two-handed warrior is a heavy hitter, dealing massive damage with each swing, but is slower and less agile. The sword and shield warrior is a tank, able to absorb a lot of damage and protect their allies, but deals less damage. The dual-wield warrior is a fast and nimble fighter, able to deal quick damage with each attack, but is less durable. Each class has its own unique abilities and playstyle, so it’s up to the player to choose which one suits their preferences.

2. How do warriors contribute to the party in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Warriors in Dragon Age Inquisition are essential members of the party, providing both offensive and defensive capabilities. They are able to draw enemy attention away from more vulnerable party members, allowing mages and archers to deal damage safely. Additionally, warriors can deal massive damage to enemy groups with their area-of-effect abilities, making them valuable in large battles. Their ability to use shields and heavy armor also makes them ideal for soaking up damage, making them a great asset in tough fights. Overall, having a well-equipped warrior in the party is crucial for success in Dragon Age Inquisition.

3. What are some useful tactics for playing as a warrior in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Playing as a warrior in Dragon Age Inquisition requires a balance between offense and defense. It’s important to use abilities that can draw enemy attention away from the rest of the party, such as taunts and knockdowns. Utilizing area-of-effect abilities like Whirlwind and Ring of Pain can also be effective for dealing damage to multiple enemies at once. Additionally, using guard abilities like Block and Slash and War Cry can help mitigate incoming damage, allowing the warrior to survive longer in battle. It’s also important to manage stamina effectively, as many warrior abilities require it for use. Overall, playing as a warrior in Dragon Age Inquisition requires strategic thinking and careful management of resources.

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