Dealing with Strong Enemies in Dragon Age Inquisition

When starting in the Hinterlands, players will encounter bears that can be difficult to defeat.

There are two types of enemies in Dragon Age: Inquisition based on their experience level. The first type are enemies with a similar experience level to your party, and the second type are enemies with a higher predetermined experience level. At the beginning of the game, players will encounter stronger enemies like bears or demons that are level 8 or 12. Attempting to attack these enemies at lower difficulty levels may lead to failure due to their significant advantage. In such situations, it is best to try to lure the enemies away or avoid them entirely until you are on the same level or have better gear.

To check the level of nearby enemies, click on them from a safe distance. If they are significantly stronger, it is best to walk away or come back later when you are at the same level. You can also use a mount to bypass enemies, but be aware that enemy archers or mages may attack you and force you to fight. If things get too difficult, you can command your party to stop attacking and flee, but this should only be used in extreme situations.

Dragons are some of the strongest enemies in the game.

The tactics for defeating elite monsters like bosses and dragons are different than regular enemies. Even being at the same experience level as the opponent may not be enough to win. It is recommended to fight these enemies once you have a 1-2 level advantage and the best possible gear.


1. How should I prepare for a tough battle in Dragon Age Inquisition?

When facing strong enemies in Dragon Age Inquisition, it’s important to prepare your party beforehand. Make sure your party members are equipped with the best weapons and armor available. You should also have a variety of potions and grenades on hand to use during the battle. Additionally, it’s a good idea to have a balanced party with different types of characters, such as a warrior, a mage, and a rogue. You can also use tactical view during battles to better control your party members and give them specific commands.

2. What strategies should I use when fighting strong enemies in Dragon Age Inquisition?

One effective strategy when battling strong enemies in Dragon Age Inquisition is to focus on one enemy at a time. This will allow you to take them down more quickly and prevent them from overwhelming your party. Another strategy is to make use of crowd control abilities, such as stuns or freezes, to give your party an advantage. Additionally, you can use environmental hazards, such as explosive barrels, to deal extra damage to enemies. Finally, make sure to keep an eye on your party’s health and use healing abilities or potions as needed.

3. Is there anything I should avoid doing when facing strong enemies in Dragon Age Inquisition?

When fighting strong enemies in Dragon Age Inquisition, it’s important to avoid overextending yourself. Don’t rush into battle without a plan, as this can quickly lead to your party’s demise. It’s also important to avoid using abilities that have long cooldowns unless they are absolutely necessary. Finally, try not to let your party members die, as this will make the battle much more difficult. If one of your party members is close to death, consider using a healing ability or potion to keep them alive.

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