Waterfall Location Map

How to unlock: Retrieve the map from the dead body close to the campsite.

Quest giver: – (M3,10)

The corpse on the tree

South of the Hinterland village, on a hill adjacent to the campsite, there is a tree with a corpse hanging on it. The map to the waterfall is at the base of the tree. It reveals a concealed passageway behind one of the waterfalls. This specific waterfall is situated at the start of a river that flows from the south to the north (M3,10a). A Templar camp (M3,11b) is also located there, so be well-prepared before heading there.

The treasure behind the waterfall

Once you have cleared the camp, go towards the waterfall and cross the ledge. You will discover a stash that you need to scan before picking it up. Inside, you will find a valuable crafting item.

Rewards for completing the quest:

  • 40 Influence points
  • Material: Ironwood


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