A Father’s Name

How to unlock: Speak with Gyda Myrdotten in the Avvar village.

Quest giver: Gyda Myrdotten (M31,15)

Gyda Myrdotten

Head to the lowest level of the Avvar village where you’ll find a cave. Here, you’ll meet Gyda Myrdotten (M31,15). Speak with her and then with the Huntsman (M31,12). If you want, you can also talk to Caldan.

The Huntsman

You need to defeat three fade-touched beasts. Each of them is surrounded by other similarly affected creatures. These beasts are a Gurgut, a Lurker, and a Giant spider. They are stronger than the usual enemies and will drop valuable materials and items.

Fade-touched Gurgut

You can find the Gurgut (M31,15a) in the swamp area located in the southwestern part of the Basin. It’ll be alone, so the fight shouldn’t be too challenging.

Fade-touched Lurker

The Lurker (M31,15b) will be accompanied by other Lurkers. You can find them in a small concavity in the western part of the map.

Fade-touched Giant spider

The fade-touched Giant spider (M31,15c) can be found in the river near the Tevinter ruins. There will be more Giant spiders there. Once you’ve defeated all three beasts, return to the Huntsman or Finn.

Finn is lying on a bed in the hut next to the Huntsman.

If you give Finn (M31,15d) the items, you’ll receive more support from your team. You can find Finn lying on a bed in a hut next to the Huntsman (M31,12).


  • A lot of experience
  • 600 Inquisition Influence
  • 2 Inquisition Power
  • Avvar approval point (quest: Guests of the Hold) – only if you give the items to Finn


What is the significance of a father’s name?

A father’s name is significant for several reasons. First and foremost, it is a way to identify a person’s lineage. In many cultures, a person’s name is a reflection of their family and their ancestry. Secondly, a father’s name is also important from a legal standpoint. It is often required on official documents such as birth certificates, passports, and driver’s licenses. Lastly, a father’s name can also have a symbolic meaning. It can represent the values, beliefs, and traditions that a father wants to pass down to his children.

What are some common traditions related to a father’s name?

There are several traditions related to a father’s name that are observed in different cultures. In some cultures, the firstborn son is given the father’s name as their middle name. In other cultures, a child’s last name is a combination of both the father’s and mother’s last names. Some families also have a tradition of naming their children after a particular family member or ancestor. Lastly, some fathers choose to give their children names that have a special meaning or significance to them.

What are the different ways a father’s name can be passed down?

There are several ways a father’s name can be passed down to his children. One common way is through the use of a suffix or prefix. For example, a father named John might give his son the name John Jr. Another way is to use a variation of the father’s name. For example, a father named William might give his son the name Liam. Another way is to use a completely different name but still honor the father’s name in some way. For example, a father named David might give his son the name Davis.

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