Elex 2: Joining Factions – Which Is the Best One?

In this guide for Elex 2, you will discover the best factions to join and how to do it. Our tips will help you to join the Berserkers, Morkons, Albs, Outlaws, and Clerics.

This page is all about factions, which are vital in Elex 2. They play a significant role in the main story and provide access to the best armor and new skills. You will learn which faction is the best and how to join it. We will teach you how to join all factions: Berserkers, Morkons, Albs, Outlaws, and Clerics.

  • Which faction is the best?
  • Do you have to join a faction?
  • How do you join a faction?
  • How do you join the Berserkers?
  • How do you join the Morkons?
  • How do you join the Albs?
  • How do you join the Outlaws?
  • How do you join the Clerics?

Which Faction Is the Best?

It is impossible to determine the best faction in Elex 2 as each one is unique. The differences are not only related to the storyline aspects or the faction members’ approach to the world and the threat but also skills and related gameplay elements.

If you are not concerned about immersion, choose a faction based on your play style. For example, as a Berserker, you will gain access to magic spells such as fireballs and fire rains. Morkons intentionally lower their health to gain various bonuses, such as more health points, increased damage, or faster running. Albs, on the other hand, use Elex for ice spells and source Elex from defeated enemies.

Outlaws and Clerics play a less important role in Elex 2 than the other factions described above. You can join Outlaws only after initially joining Berserkers or Morkons. This way, you will gain access to skills that increase the effectiveness of Chems, i.e. items that provide temporary bonuses. The path to the Clerics opens after joining the Albs. The skills of the Clerics increase your resistance to damage and allow you to become temporarily immortal after receiving the final blow. Joining Outlaws and Clerics is not obligatory, and you can advance in the ranks of the main faction as well.

Do You Have to Join a Faction?

Joining a faction in Elex 2 is not mandatory. During the main storyline, you will often be prompted to take a side, but it is not necessary. However, joining a faction gives you access to the best weapons available in the game.

Remember that choosing a faction is irreversible. Once you decide to join, you cannot leave the faction.

How Do You Join a Faction?

There is only one way to join a faction in Elex 2, and that is to complete certain quests. Of course, you will need to complete different missions to join the Berserkers than you would to join the Albs. The description of joining each faction can be found below. You can still complete missions to join different factions and then simply not join them. This will give you additional experience points.

How to become a member of different factions in Elex 2?

If you want to join the Berserkers in Elex 2, complete The Berserker’s Trust quest. This mission requires you to gain the trust of the faction’s important members such as Thorhilda, Tilas, Scrappy, Fenris, and Wulf. The quest takes place in the Fort.

How to join the Morkons?

To become a member of the Morkons, complete the Morkon Values quest which begins after talking to Dimitri in the Grotto. You will have to complete Zarina’s Judgment and Tengis’ Judgment quests to succeed. You can find a detailed guide for these quests on our website.

How to join the Albs?

Joining the Albs is possible by completing the An Alb Agent mission which requires you to investigate. The quest is received in the Depository and is related to escorting Skibor to the Depot and Tracking with the Albs. Refer to our website for a complete walkthrough.

How to become an Outlaw?

To become an Outlaw, you must first join either the Morkons or the Berserkers. As you progress through the faction quests, you will be presented with a choice. The Berserkers will offer you cooperation with the Claws, while the Morkons will ask you to follow the path of Kriiton. If you agree and reach level 30, you can join the Outlaws by completing the Glory to the Rabble mission.

How to join the Clerics?

Joining the Clerics requires you to first join the Albs and complete The Duties of a Scout mission. This will unlock The Duties of a Trooper quest and advance you to a higher rank. During the mission, side with the Clerics during the meeting with Shira. This will result in Hagen offering you the rank of regent. To join the Clerics, you must be at least level 30. As a member, you will gain access to Cleric skills and the best Cleric armor.


1. What factions are available in Elex 2?

In Elex 2, there are four main factions: the Berserkers, the Clerics, the Outlaws, and the Free People. Each faction has a unique philosophy, culture, and set of skills that can be learned by joining them.

2. How do I join a faction?

To join a faction, you need to find their respective headquarters and speak to their leader. Each faction has its own requirements for joining, such as completing certain quests, having a certain level of reputation, or having certain skills. Once you meet these requirements, the faction leader will offer you the opportunity to join their faction.

3. What are the benefits of joining a faction?

Joining a faction offers several benefits, such as gaining access to their unique skills and equipment, receiving quests and missions from the faction, and improving your reputation with the faction. Additionally, joining a faction can affect the story and ending of the game, as your choices and actions will impact your standing with the faction and their role in the game’s narrative.

4. Which faction is the best to join?

The best faction to join depends on your personal playstyle and preferences. Each faction has its own strengths and weaknesses, and choosing a faction that aligns with your character’s abilities and beliefs can enhance your overall experience. The Berserkers are skilled in magic and nature, the Clerics focus on technology and religion, the Outlaws are experts in combat and survival, and the Free People value freedom and independence.

5. Can I switch factions?

Yes, it is possible to switch factions in Elex 2. However, switching factions can have consequences, such as losing reputation with your former faction and gaining reputation with your new faction. Additionally, some factions may not allow you to join them if you have a negative reputation with a rival faction. It is important to weigh the pros and cons before deciding to switch factions.

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