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Key Highlights of M4 Val Royeaux – Noteworthy Characters and Sites – Dragon Age: Inquisition

Noteworthy Characters


Dragon Lairs

Campsites, Fortresses, Villages, and Cities

Fast Travel Points, Passages to Dungeons, and Separate Sites


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Noteworthy Characters

1 – Vierre

2 – Belle

3 – Reverend Mother Hevara

4 – Sister Antoinette

5 – Sister Andrea

Campsites, Fortresses, Villages, and Cities

1 – Exit to Val Royeaux

Fast Travel Points, Passages to Dungeons, and Separate Sites

Fast Travel Points.


1 пїЅ Merchant – Sells melee weapons, ranged weapons, staffs, shields, armors, and upgrades.

2 пїЅ Barnabus – Sells accessories and valuables.

3 пїЅ Pierre-Marie – Sells staffs, armors, and upgrades.

4 пїЅ Merchant – Sells schematics.

5 пїЅ Deraboam – Sells only one item, a Mystery Box, which costs 10,000 gold. If you buy it, a nug statue will appear where the chest was. Examine the statue to unlock the operation “The Big One?” from the War Room.

7 пїЅ Furniture Trader – Appears after unlocking Skyhold. Sells various fabrics and unique items to customize Skyhold.

8 пїЅ Willvan – Appears after unlocking Skyhold. Sells tonic schematics and unique codex entries.

6 пїЅ Havel – Appears after unlocking Skyhold. Specializes in armors and sells blank runestones.

Aside from merchants, there are no significant characters in Val Royeaux that play a crucial role in the game. However, some NPCs might appear as you progress through the story. You can leave Val Royeaux through the Western Passage or the world map.


1. What is Val Royeaux?

Val Royeaux is the capital city of the Orlesian Empire in the world of Thedas. It is considered to be one of the most important and influential cities in the entire continent, serving as the center of political power, culture, and religion. The city is located in the north-central part of Orlais, and it is surrounded by the Waking Sea to the west and the White Spire Mountains to the east.

2. Who are the important characters in Val Royeaux?

Val Royeaux is home to many important characters in the Dragon Age universe. Some of the most notable individuals include:

  • The Divine: The leader of the Chantry, who resides in the Grand Cathedral at the heart of the city.
  • The Empress: The ruler of the Orlesian Empire, who lives in the Imperial Palace in Val Royeaux.
  • The Chevaliers: The elite soldiers of the Empire, who are headquartered in the Grand Necropolis.
  • The Merchants: The wealthy and influential merchants of Orlais, who conduct their business in the Markets District.

3. What are the important locations in Val Royeaux?

Val Royeaux is a large and sprawling city, with many important locations scattered throughout its various districts. Some of the most significant places include:

  • The Grand Cathedral: The largest and most important religious site in all of Thedas, which serves as the seat of power for the Chantry.
  • The Imperial Palace: The lavish and opulent home of the Empress of Orlais, which is heavily guarded and rarely accessible to outsiders.
  • The Grand Necropolis: The massive cemetery and training ground for the Chevaliers, where the city’s elite soldiers hone their skills and prepare for battle.
  • The Markets District: A bustling and vibrant area of the city, where merchants from all over the world come to sell their wares.

4. What role does Val Royeaux play in the Dragon Age story?

Val Royeaux is a crucial location in the Dragon Age series, as it serves as the center of political, cultural, and religious power in the world of Thedas. Many of the game’s most important events take place in or around the city, and several major characters are based there. In particular, the city plays a central role in the conflict between the Chantry and the mage rebellions, which is a major focus of the series.

5. How does Val Royeaux compare to other cities in the Dragon Age universe?

Val Royeaux is one of the most important and well-developed cities in the Dragon Age universe, and it is often compared favorably to other major locations in the series. The sheer scale and grandeur of the city, as well as its central role in the story, make it a standout location that is beloved by many fans. However, it is worth noting that the city is also the subject of some criticism for its lack of diversity and representation, particularly in terms of its inhabitants.

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