Hitman 2: Assassination of Nolan Cassidy – Another Life Walkthrough

This page of the Hitman 2 game guide contains unique methods to eliminate Nolan Cassidy in the Whittleton Creek mission. It also includes challenges associated with the assassination, such as interactions with specific objects or the use of certain disguises. Some of these techniques are part of the story missions, but they can also be executed independently.

  1. Nolan Cassidy usually travels along Stonybrook Road on the east side of the map. He also returns to his property from time to time. If he is shot or if the alarm goes off, he can immediately decide to return home.
  2. Nolan may visit a party at the Wilson Property, but only if the other guests have been served and Agent 47 must help with the service by completing one of the story missions.
  3. If Agent 47 meets Nolan Cassidy disguised as a local realtor, he can influence Cassidy’s daily schedule. Cassidy is interested in purchasing the Schmidt Residence and may go there to inspect the property. The basement contains a booby-trapped vault – the perfect location for Cassidy’s demise.
  4. The Cassidy Property is restricted. Cassidy’s bodyguards and fumigator may be present, but the worker responsible for pest control can only enter the garden. Agent 47 can sneak into the building through the garage and start a generator to eliminate anyone who enters.
  • Whittleton Creek Blackout
  • Sold!
  • Reasonable Scope
  • A Buffet To You, Sir
  • Pass Gas
  • Minor challenges

Whittleton Creek Blackout

This challenge is not related to the story missions and requires killing both targets with electricity. If this cannot be accomplished, use this method to eliminate one of them and complete the Whittleton Creek Electric challenge.

To electrocute Nolan Cassidy, sabotage one of the hydrants along Stonybrook Road where he frequently travels. Two items are required for this act of sabotage:

  1. Wrench – They can be found in various places on the map, such as the construction site.
  2. Car Battery – They are located in several places, including the garage of the Wilson Property, an unrestricted area.

The plan involves using a wrench to sabotage a hydrant and placing a battery at the location. Nolan will be fatally electrocuted after entering the puddle. However, this plan is associated with some difficulties:

  1. When sabotaging the hydrant, Agent 47 will not be visible.
  2. If someone notices the hydrant failure, they will repair it, making it impossible to sabotage again. To prevent this, either eliminate or distract any NPCs who may cause problems, or sabotage the hydrant as late as possible when Nolan is heading towards it.


This challenge is for the House For Sale story mission. To complete it, follow these steps:

  1. Distract the muffin vendor by turning on the radio, then stun or kill him and take his disguise.
  2. Poison a muffin and place it on the tray with free samples.
  3. Wait for the realtor to eat the muffin, then stun or kill him and take his disguise and the key.
  4. Meet with Nolan Cassidy and go to the Schmidt Residence using the key to enter the house.
  5. Show Nolan the vault in the basement of the house.
  6. Unlock the vault and wait for Nolan to disable the laser traps.
  7. When Nolan is inside the vault, turn the lasers back on to cause an explosion and kill him.

Reasonable Scope

This challenge requires killing both targets with a sniper rifle from a treehouse. If this is difficult, you can complete the minor challenge Doable Scope by killing only one target. The treehouse is located behind the Schmidt Residence, and you must bring a sniper rifle with you. Have the rifle delivered, take the suitcase to the treehouse, and retrieve the weapon from the case. Use the Charbroiled story mission to lure Nolan to a location where he can be sniped.

A Buffet To You, Sir

This challenge is for the Charbroiled story mission. To complete it, follow the steps outlined in the mission description.

  1. Find a propane canister and attach it to the barbecue grill at the Wilson Property. You can locate one in the garden of the Griswold Residence.
  2. Procure a waiter’s uniform by attacking the waiter standing in one of the rooms on the first floor of the building.
  3. Head to the food stand and serve food to all the guests, attending to their needs.
  4. Add rat poison to some of the food and wait for Nolan Cassidy to arrive at the party.
  5. Invite Nolan to sample one of the snacks.
  6. Track Nolan to the restroom and drown him in the toilet while he is sick.

Pass Gas

This challenge is linked to the Pest Control story mission. Refer to the chapter that covers all story missions for a full explanation of this assassination variant.

  1. Visit the construction site and break into one of the containers to snatch bug spray.
  2. Get to the Batty Residence and take out the Pest Control worker. Wear his outfit.
  3. Sneak to the rear of the Cassidy Property and pour insecticide into the fumigation machine located on one side of the building.
  4. Either wait for Nolan Cassidy to return home or trigger an alarm (fire or weapon storage) to speed up his arrival.
  5. Activate the fumigation machine and enter the house while still wearing the Pest Control outfit. Find Nolan Cassidy, who should be unconscious, and assassinate him (e.g., break his neck).

You can also opt to put lethal poison into the fumigation machine, which will result in the death of everyone in the house, but it will also negatively impact your mission rating.

Minor challenges

  1. Tasteless, Traceless – Use lethal poison after Nolan Cassidy arrives at the party in the garden of the Wilson Property.
  2. Piano Man; Straight Shot – Killing Nolan is simple, e.g., when you are alone with him in the vault at the Schmidt Residence.


1. What is the objective of the “Another Life” mission in Hitman 2?

The objective of the “Another Life” mission in Hitman 2 is to assassinate Nolan Cassidy, a target who is part of a secret militia group. Cassidy is located in a suburban neighborhood in Whittleton Creek, USA, and the player must navigate the area to find and eliminate him.

2. What are some ways to approach the mission in “Another Life”?

There are several ways to approach the mission in “Another Life.” One way is to enter the neighborhood disguised as a delivery driver and make your way to Cassidy’s house. Another way is to sneak into the neighborhood and disguise yourself as a gardener or a real estate agent to gather information about Cassidy’s whereabouts. You can also use distractions, such as throwing objects or creating loud noises, to lure Cassidy away from his guards and eliminate him in a secluded area.

3. What challenges can the player face during the “Another Life” mission?

The player can face several challenges during the “Another Life” mission. One challenge is the heavy security presence in the neighborhood, including CCTV cameras and guards patrolling the area. The player must use disguises and stealth to avoid detection and remain undetected. Another challenge is Cassidy’s unpredictable movements, as he may roam around the neighborhood and change his routine at any moment. The player must be patient and observe Cassidy’s behavior to plan the perfect assassination.

4. What rewards can the player earn for completing the “Another Life” mission?

The player can earn several rewards for completing the “Another Life” mission in Hitman 2. One reward is a higher score, which is based on the player’s performance in the mission, such as the number of non-target casualties and the time taken to complete the mission. The player can also unlock new items and weapons, such as the remote explosives, by completing challenges and feats during the mission. Additionally, the player can earn achievements and trophies for completing the mission in different ways, such as completing it without being detected or eliminating Cassidy using a specific method.

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