Hitman 2: Himmelstein – List of Trophies/Achievements

This section of our trophy/achievement guide for Hitman 2 provides a complete list of all the trophies/achievements that can be obtained in Himmelstein. These trophies/achievements are part of the new content that is available in Hitman 2’s Sniper Assassin mode, where you can only use a sniper rifle. Himmelstein is the first mission that you can play in this mode. You can unlock these trophies/achievements in the mansion itself.

  • Peak Performance
  • Cannon Fodder
  • Party Pooper
  • Lone Wolf
  • Silent Sniper
  • Deadly Duo
  • Completionist

Peak Performance

How to unlock: Achieve a score of over 1,000,000 points on “The Last Yardbird”.

Commentary: This is a unique trophy/achievement because you cannot obtain it immediately. First, you need to complete most of the challenges in the Himmelstein mission to increase your multiplier to around 2.00. Additionally, try to complete the mission with the rank of Silent Assassin, because this will double your points.

While completing the mission, try to kill people with headshots and in short intervals between each killing. These actions will give you a higher number of points.

Cannon Fodder

How to unlock: Eliminate the three main targets using the cannon.

Commentary: This is an easy trophy/achievement. Start by finding the chandelier on one of the highest floors of the mansion. Shoot the chain to make the chandelier fall and break.

Then, check the mission’s objectives and do not take any additional actions until you have four minutes left to complete the mission. All three targets should meet in one of the rooms on the upper floor. Locate the cannon (as shown in the picture above) and shoot it using regular ammo. The cannon will fire and kill all of the targets in a single explosion.

Party Pooper

How to unlock: Sabotage the wedding.

Commentary: This is a difficult achievement. You must sabotage the wedding before Dorian Lang arrives with his daughter (the bride). They will start moving from the driveway at the western end of the map and stop at the eastern part. A significant advantage is that you can hit any environmental objects near the moving characters to stop them. They will go to check the source of the suspicious sound.

Here is the list of steps you need to follow to get this achievement:

  1. You can choose to shoot the bodyguard waiting for the limousine with Dorian and his daughter, which will make it easier for you to complete the next steps.
  2. To proceed, shoot Dorian Lang without his daughter noticing, and use the Shockwave Ammo to push him into the water. Distract his daughter by hitting the bouquet to reduce the risk of accidentally hitting her.
  3. Destroy the lamp at the post where the photographer works, destroy the wedding cake on the first floor of the mansion, sabotage the band by hitting the left musician’s violin, the middle musician’s microphone, and the right musician’s piano support, hit the glass of wine on the altar beside the priest, and hit the birds cage in the wedding location.

  1. To unlock the Lone Wolf achievement, you must play alone without any support from Agent 47. Check the walkthrough for “The Last Yardbird” mission.
  2. Complete “The Last Yardbird” as Silent Assassin to earn the Silent Sniper achievement. You must kill 18 people (3 main objectives and 15 guards) without making any serious mistakes or saving progress. Avoid killing civilians, attack targets separately, and shoot when the target is near the balustrade or water tank to hide the body. Take advantage of the time counter stopping after killing the main objectives to lure guards to secluded places and kill them.
  3. Complete “The Last Yardbird” in multiplayer to unlock the Deadly Duo achievement. You can play with someone from your friend list or through matchmaking, and the way you end the mission and the points you earn do not matter.
  4. To unlock the Completionist achievement, complete all 27 challenges in “The Last Yardbird” mission. Some challenges may be difficult, but most of them can be completed easily.
  1. Clean Slate – Start by focusing on the main objectives of the mission. Taking the time to kill them in a way that conceals their bodies can be time-consuming, so remember to fit everything into a 15-minute timeframe. Once the main objectives are taken care of, you can deal with the guards at your own pace. Use the environment to your advantage by luring them near balustrades, chasms or water tanks.
  2. Smokestack Lightin’ – Destroy the sprinklers near the airstrip where Doris will land. You can then stop her and her people with shots. Once the area is covered in water, destroy the lamps to further increase the chaos.
  3. Boom Boom – To complete this challenge, it’s worth using gas lamps around the main entrance to the mansion. Wait for a larger group of guards or main mission objectives before shooting them, aiming at the cylinders to create an explosion.
  4. A Waltz With Death – Use the Shockwave Ammo during the newlyweds’ dance as it won’t last long and you may not have enough time to kill all seven people.
  5. Blackout – You need to find 18 switches. It’s best to attempt this challenge after taking care of the main objectives, as you won’t have to rush. You can also destroy the shutters without alerting the guards.
  6. Kiln Time – You need to find 47 vases. Again, it’s best to do this challenge after completing the main objectives.
  7. The Higher You Climb – Use the Shockwave Ammo to push the jumper standing on the edge of the cliff.


1. What are the Trophies/Achievements in Hitman 2: Himmelstein?

The Trophies/Achievements in Hitman 2: Himmelstein are as follows:

– Silent Sniper: Complete The Last Yardbird in Sniper Assassin mode with the Silent Assassin rating

– Sniper Assassin: Complete The Last Yardbird in Sniper Assassin mode

– Piano Man: Complete The Last Yardbird in any mode

– Don’t Forget to Bring a Towel: Eliminate a target with the fiber wire while disguised as a hotel staff member in The Last Yardbird

– Master Difficulty: Complete The Last Yardbird on Master difficulty

– I’m Just Doing My Job: Beat The Last Yardbird

2. How do I unlock the Silent Sniper Trophy/Achievement?

To unlock the Silent Sniper Trophy/Achievement, you must complete The Last Yardbird mission in Sniper Assassin mode with the Silent Assassin rating. This means that you must eliminate all targets without being detected and without raising any alarms. You must also do this without killing any non-targets or using any disguises that are not hotel staff. It is recommended that you take your time and carefully plan out your approach to ensure that you do not make any mistakes.

3. How do I unlock the Don’t Forget to Bring a Towel Trophy/Achievement?

To unlock the Don’t Forget to Bring a Towel Trophy/Achievement, you must eliminate a target with the fiber wire while disguised as a hotel staff member in The Last Yardbird mission. This can be done in any mode, but it is recommended that you do it in the easiest difficulty to make it easier to obtain the disguise. Once you have the disguise, find one of the targets and sneak up behind them to use the fiber wire. If done correctly, the Trophy/Achievement will unlock.

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