Spider-Man’s Photos | Boss Fights

0 – J. Jonah Jameson is responsible for assigning photo quests. Return to him for a reward after each snap.

1 – The appropriate spot for the first photo can be found on the roof of a building.

2 – Fly to the platform floating above the ocean in the sky.

3 – Head to the roof and take a photo.

4 – Take a photo of the Baxter Building, which is a Fantastic Four mansion.

5 – Climb onto the roof from the left side.

6 – As usual, head to the roof and take a photo.

7 – Take a photo of the playing kids near the skate park.

8 – Stand on the shore facing the Statue of Liberty and take a snap.

9 – Fly to the hidden platform in the sky (above the ocean) and take a photo of the entire city.

10 – Take a final photo from the roof.

Spider-Man’s photos consist of 10 side quests that can be assigned by J. Jonah Jameson, who is located behind the Daily Bugle building. Completing each quest will earn you a Gold Brick, of which there are 10 to obtain in this way.

To take a photo, go to the designated spot and select Spider-Man. Hold down the change character button to become Peter Parker and stand in a spot with a camera symbol. Use the interaction button to take a snapshot and return to the quest giver. Repeat this pattern 10 times with new assignments and objects.

We have marked all the targets on the map, numbered in order of occurrence in the game.


1. What are some of the most memorable boss fights in the Spider-Man game?

In the Spider-Man game, there are quite a few memorable boss fights that players encounter. One of the most significant ones is the fight against Mr. Negative, which takes place early on in the game. Another memorable boss fight is against Electro and Vulture, who work together to take down Spider-Man. Other notable boss fights include the showdown with Rhino, the battle against Scorpion and the final fight against Doctor Octopus. Each boss fight is unique and challenging in its own way, making the game a thrilling experience for players.

2. How do the boss fights in the Spider-Man game compare to those in other superhero games?

The boss fights in the Spider-Man game are some of the best in any superhero game. Unlike other games, where the boss fights can feel repetitive and uninspired, the Spider-Man game puts a lot of thought into each boss fight. Each boss has their own unique abilities and strategies that players need to overcome, making each fight feel fresh and exciting. Additionally, the game’s stunning graphics and fluid gameplay mechanics make the boss fights even more satisfying to play through.

3. What role do Spider-Man’s abilities play in the boss fights?

Spider-Man’s abilities are crucial in the boss fights. His agility and speed allow him to dodge attacks and move around the battlefield quickly, while his web-slinging abilities give him a range of options for attacking and getting around obstacles. Additionally, Spider-Man’s gadgets, such as his web shooters and spider drones, can be used strategically to gain the upper hand in a fight. Players need to master all of Spider-Man’s abilities in order to take down the game’s toughest bosses.

4. How do the boss fights in the Spider-Man game tie into the story?

The boss fights in the Spider-Man game are an integral part of the game’s story. Each boss fight is tied to a specific villain and their motivations, and as players progress through the game, they uncover more about each villain’s past and their connection to Spider-Man. Additionally, the boss fights serve as major turning points in the game’s plot, with each victory bringing Spider-Man closer to uncovering the game’s central mystery. Overall, the boss fights are an essential part of the game’s narrative and add to the overall experience of playing through the game.

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