Juggernauts and Crosses | Minikit Sets

Minikit 1

To get this minikit, follow the walkthrough in this guide to rescue two groups of students in the X-Mansion. Next, use Cyclops’ laser eyes to melt the gold padlock on the right shelf, then build books from the debris to obtain the minikit.

Minikit 2

In the next room, select Spider-Man and shoot his web at the attachable point on the door. Yank it to enter the chamber and collect the minikit.

Minikit 3

Proceed right and choose Iron Man to shoot his rockets at the silver toilet behind the flames in the bathroom. Use a character with telekinetic skills (like Loki) to clean the lavatory pan.

Minikit 4

Meet Storm in the next room and select Magneto to move the metallic armor on the left.

Minikit 5

Head outside and go right to find the silver gargoyle. Destroy it with Iron Man’s rockets, then switch to Wolverine to dig into the sand. Once a sandbox appears, use it with Sandman.

Minikit 6

To obtain this minikit, destroy all five gargoyles hidden on the X-Mansion building. You’ve already damaged the first, covered in silver, while searching for the previous collectible. Turn back and look for the next one near the ruined stairs. The third is near the golden gate leading to the next location, while the fourth is next to the green X-bush by the entrance door. The last statue stands at the edge of the roof above the X-bush.

Minikit 7

Stand near the golden gate and switch to Wolverine to destroy all obstacles on the left. Dig up a chainsaw from the sand and repair it, then select Jean Grey to trim the shrub into the X symbol.

Minikit 8

Getting this minikit is a bit complicated. Go to the room with the huge TV and move the shelf with the violet books using a character with telekinetic skills like Loki or Jean Grey. This will reveal a worker hidden behind the window. Turn right and destroy the machine with colorful ice creams using Magneto’s magnetic powers, then build a patriotic panel for Captain America and toss his shield at it to open a passage to the worker. Meet him and use Mr. Fantastic to pass through the iron bars.

Minikit 9

Return to the first location through the door and choose Magneto. Use his magnetic abilities on the metal gramophone to get the minikit.

Minikit 10

If you want to get this minikit, you need to destroy all four computers in the corners of the room during the final battle with Juggernaut. To do this, you’ll need to use telekinesis, which means selecting either Jean Grey or Loki.


What are Juggernauts and Crosses minikit sets?

Juggernauts and Crosses are minikit sets that allow players to build and customize their own miniature vehicles and characters from the popular video game series, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. Each set contains a set of bricks and instructions for building a specific vehicle or character, including iconic heroes like Spider-Man and Iron Man, as well as villains like Doctor Octopus and Loki. These sets are designed to be compatible with other LEGO sets, allowing players to mix and match pieces to create their own unique creations.

What makes Juggernauts and Crosses minikit sets unique?

One of the unique features of Juggernauts and Crosses minikit sets is their focus on customization. Unlike other LEGO sets, these sets are designed to be mixed and matched, allowing players to create their own unique combinations of vehicles and characters. This not only adds to the playability of the sets, but also encourages creativity and imagination. Additionally, each set comes with its own set of instructions, allowing players to learn new building techniques and expand their LEGO building skills. Finally, the sets are designed to be compatible with other LEGO sets, making them a great addition to any LEGO collection.

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