To Pay or Not to Pay Striker for the Fort Tour in Elex 2

This page of the Elex 2 guide will help you decide whether it’s worth paying Striker for the Fort tour and what happens if you refuse to pay him.

  • Unlocking the entrance to the Fort and taking a tour with Striker
  • Choices regarding paying Striker
  • Final confrontation with Striker

Unlocking the entrance to the Fort and taking a tour with Striker

The Fort is the main base of the Berserkers and one of the first locations you’ll visit in the game. To enter the Fort, you’ll need to unlock access using one of the methods listed in the Admission to the Fort quest walkthrough. Once inside, Striker will offer to give you a tour of the Berserkers’ headquarters.

You can either agree to his offer and unlock the Tour of the Fort quest or refuse him right away.

Choices regarding paying Striker

During the tour, Striker will show you around the public areas of the Fort and demand 100 elexit as payment. If you refuse to pay him, he will continue to ask for payment in the future and will eventually demand 200 elexit. You can either pay him or try to avoid him.

Refusing to pay Striker will result in a confrontation with him after 2 in-game days. He will demand 200 elexit and if you refuse again, you’ll have to fight him. Other Fort guards or companions won’t interfere. Striker is a formidable opponent who uses melee weapons and fireballs. It’s best to use melee weapons and dodge sideways to avoid his attacks.

Final confrontation with Striker

If you lose the fight, Striker will demand payment again. If you win, he’ll stop asking for payment and you’ll be able to enter the Fort freely. Alternatively, you can use the back entrance or the jetpack to avoid the confrontation until you’re better equipped.

Now you know what to expect when dealing with Striker in Elex 2 and can make an informed decision about paying him for the Fort tour.


Should I pay Striker from the Fort in Elex 2?

It depends on your playstyle and moral values. Striker from the Fort is a mercenary who offers his services to the player for a fee. If you have enough Elexit and want to complete certain quests or defeat tough enemies easily, you can hire him. However, keep in mind that Striker is not a noble character and his methods may involve killing innocent people or stealing from them. If you prefer to play as a good guy who helps others and upholds justice, you may want to avoid hiring Striker or even report him to the authorities. Also, keep in mind that some factions may have different opinions on Striker and his actions, so your choices may affect your reputation and relationships with them.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of hiring Striker from the Fort in Elex 2?

The main benefit is that Striker is a skilled fighter who can deal a lot of damage and distract enemies, allowing you to attack them from a safe distance or flank them. He can also open locks and chests for you, which may contain valuable loot or quest items. Additionally, he can provide useful information about the world and its inhabitants, as well as some insights into his own personality and motivations. However, the main drawback is that Striker is an unreliable ally who may turn against you or betray you if he sees a better opportunity or if you fail to pay him on time. He may also cause collateral damage or kill innocent bystanders, which may affect your reputation and trigger consequences later in the game. Finally, hiring Striker may make the game too easy or boring, as you rely on him too much and miss out on the challenge and satisfaction of overcoming obstacles on your own.

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