Dead by Daylight: The Nurse – perks, powers

This page of the guide to DBD provides a detailed description of The Nurse, a powerful killer in the game. You will learn about her perks, powers, and how to play her effectively.

The Nurse is a formidable Killer in DBD, known for her ability to bend the rules of the game. This page focuses on her perks and powers.

  • Basic information
  • Powers and perks
  • How to play as nurse?
  • Exemplary build

Basic information

The Nurse is considered to be the most powerful Killer in DBD. She has the ability to alter the game’s rules, making her a formidable opponent.

  1. Name: Sally Smithson
  2. Height: Average
  3. Terror Radius: 32 meters
  4. Movement Speed: 3.8 m/s
  5. Difficulty level: Very difficult
  6. DLC: None, available in the basic version of the game

Powers and perks

The Nurse’s main power is teleportation, which is incredibly useful for quickly closing the distance between her and a survivor. She has two teleportation charges by default, which can be used to shorten the distance between her and the survivor, or to quickly reach their current position and launch an attack.

It’s important to note that there is a cooldown after each teleportation, during which The Nurse cannot perform any actions. Additionally, two of her perks – Stridor and Thanatophobia – can be used in specific builds and may require involvement from a different hero than The Nurse.





The volume of survivors’ sounds in critical condition is louder by 25/50/50% and their normal breathing by 0/0/25%.


For each wounded, all survivors get a 1/1.5/2% penalty to repair, sabotage and cleanse totem speed.

If there are 4 survivors injured then another 12% penalty to speed is awarded.

A Nurse’s Calling

You can see the auras of people healing or being treated within a 20/24/28 radius of you.

How to play as nurse?

Mastering teleportation is key to playing The Nurse effectively. Her movement speed is slower than the survivors, so teleportation is the best way to catch them. Practicing teleportation is important as the game doesn’t show the area you’re teleporting to. The Plaid Flannel add-on is useful for learning as it allows you to see where you’re jumping to.

When playing as The Nurse, perks that reveal survivors’ auras are incredibly valuable. They make it easy to track and quickly reach your next target. Additionally, perks that grant the “Exposed” status are a great option.

Effective Build

The Nurse has such high potential that it’s possible to create a build that can win the game in just a few minutes. This is largely due to her ability to detect survivors. Taking down the first survivor can often lead to a chain reaction, allowing you to defeat all of them in one go.





This perk activates when you’re carrying a survivor. Survivors within your Terror Radius will receive the Exposed status effect, which lasts for 26/28/30 seconds after leaving the radius.

Hooking the survivor deactivates the perk, but the Exposed status lasts for an additional 26/28/30 seconds.

Awakened Awareness

When carrying a survivor, the auras of survivors within 16/18/20 meters are revealed.

Lethal Pursuer

At the beginning of the match, the auras of all survivors are revealed to you for 7/8/9 seconds.

Extends the effect of other aura-revealing perks by 2 seconds.

Call of Brine

This perk activates when a generator is damaged.

The generator regresses at 150/175/200% of its normal regression speed, and its aura is highlighted in yellow.

Every time a survivor completes a Good Skill Check at this generator, you’ll receive a sound notification.


What are the Nurse’s perks in Dead by Daylight?

The Nurse is a killer in Dead by Daylight that has three unique perks. The first is “Stridor,” which allows the Nurse to hear the breathing of survivors from further away. This can be very helpful in locating survivors who are trying to hide. The second perk is “Thanatophobia,” which causes survivors to suffer from penalties when working on generators or healing others if there are injured or dying survivors nearby. This can slow down the progress of the survivors and make their escape more difficult. The third perk is “A Nurse’s Calling,” which allows the Nurse to see the auras of survivors who are healing or being healed within a certain range. This can help the Nurse quickly locate and attack injured survivors.

What are the Nurse’s powers in Dead by Daylight?

The Nurse has two unique powers that set her apart from other killers in Dead by Daylight. The first is “Blink,” which allows the Nurse to teleport a short distance in the direction she is facing. She can use this power up to two times in quick succession, allowing her to quickly close gaps between herself and survivors or move through obstacles. The second power is “The Nurse’s Calling,” which allows the Nurse to see the auras of survivors who are healing or being healed within a certain range. This can be very useful for quickly locating and attacking injured survivors. However, the Nurse’s powers require a lot of skill and practice to use effectively, as they can be difficult to control and require precise timing to use correctly.

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