How to Get Good Armor at the Beginning of Kingdom Come Deliverance?

After completing the prologue, Henry does not have any armor to protect himself from enemy attacks. This guide offers tips on how to obtain better armor.

  1. Complete the side objectives of certain parts of the main quest, “Run!” This quest involves running away from the Talmberg castle. Talk to the guard on the main gate’s post to learn that he will only allow you to pass the gate if you have a guard’s tabard and equipment. The armor is stored in one of the chests, found in one of the castle’s towers. You can also find a shield that guards Henry against enemy attacks.
  2. In the main quest “Keeping the Peace,” pick up a set of guard armor. Travel to the armory and ask the guard or pick up the armor from the chest. You will also receive a club, a good starting weapon for blunt damage.
  3. Knock out non-player characters by placing yourself behind their back and pressing the right button. This attack works on all opponents, even those more powerful than Henry. You only need to be undetected during the attack and quickly leave the scene of the crime. Try this technique after reaching Talmberg, and sneak behind one of the guards that patrol the castle walls on their own. You can also attack one of the characters roaming the game’s world, including friendly and neutral knights equipped with heavy armor.

Important note – Wearing good armor in the initial stage of the game has a limitation. Every armor weighs heavily and can exceed your carrying capacity. To overcome this limitation, increase your Strength by 4 or 5 and unlock Mule I, a perk that increases your carrying capacity by 15 pounds. If you still cannot carry the armor, move it to your horse’s inventory and wait for a moment when your character has increased his strength.


1. What is the best way to get armor at the beginning of Kingdom Come Deliverance?

The best way to get armor early on in Kingdom Come Deliverance is to complete side quests and participate in battles. One of the easiest ways to get armor is to compete in the first tournament in Rattay. Winning the tournament will earn you a set of armor, and the tournament is relatively easy to win if you have basic combat skills. Additionally, completing the side quest “The Good Thief” will earn you a full set of light armor, which is useful for sneaking around and remaining undetected. Finally, participating in battles and looting enemy corpses is another way to acquire armor, though this is riskier and requires more combat skill.

2. How important is armor in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Armor is extremely important in Kingdom Come Deliverance, as it provides protection against enemy attacks and reduces the amount of damage you take. Without armor, even basic enemies can quickly overwhelm and defeat you. As you progress through the game and face stronger enemies, having high-quality armor becomes even more essential. Additionally, different types of armor provide different levels of protection and are suited for different playstyles. Light armor is good for sneaking and agility, while heavy armor is better for tanking and soaking up damage.

3. Can you buy armor in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Yes, you can buy armor in Kingdom Come Deliverance from various merchants and blacksmiths throughout the game world. However, buying armor can be expensive, especially for high-quality sets, and may not be feasible early on in the game. Additionally, some armor sets can only be acquired through completing quests or participating in tournaments, so it is important to explore and complete side content to acquire the best armor. Finally, some armor sets can only be acquired through stealing or looting, so players who choose to play as a rogue or thief may have an easier time acquiring certain sets of armor.

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