How to Obtain the Best Horse in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Upon completing a main quest, players receive a horse called Pebbles which has low stats. This horse cannot gallop fast, has limited carrying capacity, and can easily be scared off by enemies. However, players can obtain a better horse. This guide provides information on how and where to get a better horse, along with a list of recommended horses.

  • Where to buy a new horse?
  • The best horses in the game: which ones have the best stats?

Where to Buy a New Horse

  1. Players can steal a new horse, but visiting a stable and speaking with a horse trader is a better option to avoid trouble with the law and lower reputation.
  2. Stables are located in Neuhof, Uzhitz, and Merhojed.

  1. After arriving at a stable, players can immediately head to a horse trader or explore the area to examine available horses.
  2. Interacting with a horse allows players to check its stats and compare them with their current mount. Speak with a horse trader and choose a horse to buy.
  3. Note that horses are expensive, so haggling is recommended.
  4. A newly acquired horse replaces the old one, and all items and equipment in its bag transfer to the new horse’s bag.

The Best Horses in the Game: Which Ones Have the Best Stats?

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, horses have four main stats: Speed, Capacity (a separate weight limit from Henry’s), Courage (horses that are easily scared off can shake Henry off their back), and Stamina (longer gallop). It is recommended to replace a horse only once during the game and choose one of the most expensive horses from the fifth tier. However, players should expect to spend around 2000 Groschen. The following horses are recommended:

  1. Al-Buraq from the stable in Neuhof – 39 Speed, 252 Capacity, 15 Courage, and 410 Stamina.
  2. Kanthaka from the stable in Uzhitz – 40 Speed, 196 Capacity, 20 Courage, and 410 Stamina.
  3. Jenda from the stable in Merhojed – 41 Speed, 268 Capacity, 17 Courage, and 450 Stamina.


1. What is the best horse in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

The best horse in Kingdom Come Deliverance is considered to be the “Warhorse Jenda”. It has the highest stats in all categories, including speed, stamina, courage, and capacity. It can be obtained by completing the “Ginger in a Pickle” quest in Neuhof, where you will need to find and rescue a stolen horse named Ginger. After completing the quest, the horse’s owner will reward you with Warhorse Jenda as a gift.

2. How can I improve my horse’s stats?

You can improve your horse’s stats by feeding it, grooming it, and bonding with it. Feeding your horse with apples, carrots, or hay will increase its stamina and capacity. Grooming your horse regularly will increase its courage and make it less skittish. Finally, bonding with your horse by riding it and taking care of it will increase its overall stats and make it easier to control.

3. Can I buy a good horse in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Yes, you can buy horses from various stables in the game. However, the best horses are usually obtained through quests or special events. If you have the money to spare, you can purchase a decent horse that will serve you well in the early game. However, it is recommended to focus on obtaining a better horse through quests or events in the later stages of the game.

4. How important is having a good horse in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Having a good horse in Kingdom Come Deliverance is extremely important, especially in the later stages of the game. A good horse will allow you to travel faster, carry more weight, and engage in mounted combat with greater ease. It will also increase your chances of escaping from dangerous situations, such as being chased by bandits or soldiers. Therefore, it is highly recommended to invest time and effort into obtaining the best horse possible in the game.

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