Disappearance of Bird Traps in A Bird in the Hand Quest

This walkthrough provides a solution for a potential bug in the A Bird in the Hand side quest of Kingdom Come: Deliverance where bird cages disappear. It explains how to overcome this problem and complete the quest successfully.

Although A Bird in the Hand is one of the side quests in the game, it has several issues that make it challenging to complete in version 1.2.5 or earlier. The dedicated chapter for side quests includes a walkthrough for this quest. Here are some potential bugs and ways to solve them:

  1. Drink a Saviour Schnapps as soon as you reach Vranik forest to avoid replaying the entire quest if you encounter problems.
  2. Avoid bringing your horse near the yellow marked area to prevent issues with setting traps and collecting cages.
  3. When you hear a nightingale singing, throw out one cage from the inventory and ensure it lands on the ground. If you cannot see it, reload your save from before entering the forest.

  1. Collect a cage with a bird inside by locating a “full” cage on the map. If you cannot see it, you have another bug that requires reloading your previous save.

Avoid saving your game after collecting all three cages, as this can cause a bug that prevents quest completion and proper conversation with Berthold. Instead, collect all cages and return to the Huntsman to save your game after the quest is completed.


1. What are bird traps from A Bird in the Hand?

Bird traps from A Bird in the Hand is an item in the popular game Red Dead Redemption 2. These traps are used to capture birds, which can then be sold or used for crafting purposes.

2. When did bird traps from A Bird in the Hand disappear?

The bird traps from A Bird in the Hand disappeared after the game’s update in December 2019. Prior to the update, players were able to use the traps to catch birds in the game. However, after the update, the traps were removed from the game, much to the disappointment of many players.

3. Why were bird traps from A Bird in the Hand removed?

The reason for the removal of the bird traps from A Bird in the Hand is not clear. Some speculate that it was due to a glitch in the game that allowed players to capture an unlimited number of birds, which may have been deemed unfair by the game’s developers. Others believe that it may have been removed to make the game more challenging, as it is now more difficult to catch birds without the traps.

4. Are there any alternatives to bird traps from A Bird in the Hand?

Yes, there are alternative methods for catching birds in Red Dead Redemption 2. Players can use a variety of weapons such as bows and arrows, throwing knives, or small game arrows to take down birds. Additionally, players can also use bait to lure birds to a specific location, making it easier to catch them. While these methods may be more challenging than using bird traps, they still offer a fun and rewarding gameplay experience.

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